How to Easily Make Delicious Infused Sugar

How to Easily Make Delicious Infused Sugar

Making infused sugar is so simple and easy.  The different flavours are wonderful for adding to baking, tea, and savoury dishes. They’re versatile and a staple in my kitchen for adding hints of flavour to dishes. 

My mum taught me how to make vanilla sugar when I was younger and I’ve done it ever since. It smells so good, sometimes I like to just open the container and sniff! 

To make your own flavoured sugars, all you need is the following:

  • Glass jars or sealed containers
  • Caster sugar or regular sugar
  • Whichever flavours you wish – I have chosen to make some cinnamon, lavender, vanilla and spiced sugars.

Cinnamon Infused

Use a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and fill the rest of the jar with sugar and shake! I then pop a fresh cinnamon stick in the top for added flavour. Once you use the sugar, you can refill the jar with more and keep the cinnamon stick in there. This sugar is great for adding into flavoured herbal tea, hot chocolate, sprinkling on French toast or crème brulee. Cinnamon is really versatile.

Lavender Infused

I’ve used 6 fresh lavender flowers and put them in the bottom of the jar then filled the jar with caster sugar. This sugar is amazing in green tea, or adding into baking for a hint of lavender.

Infused Sugar - Miss Charlotte Cake

Vanilla Infused

Put one fresh whole vanilla pod in the jar and cover with caster sugar – again once you have used the sugar refill the container with more sugar to keep the flavour going. Use this sugar on top of French toast, and baking.

Infused Sugar - Miss Charlotte Cake

Spice Infused

I grabbed a Mixed Spice packet (whole not ground) and put a heaped tablespoon into the jar then filled with caster sugar. This is amazing for adding into those winter desserts, hot chocolate, Christmas cake, custard or Christmas mince or pumpkin pies. I am a huge fan of making eggnog at Christmas time and this spiced sugar is perfect for adding to the mixture.

Infused Sugar - Miss Charlotte Cake

There are plenty of other fragrant flavours you could try, including rose, orange or lemon. Just add some rose petals or fruit rind and let the flavours absorb. Imagine the gorgeous flavour you could create with coconut sugar? I might have to add that to my list…

As always, let me know in the comments below if you make some of your own infused sugars.


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