Al’s Deli

Al’s Deli

I had an amazing opportunity to go in to my favourite eatery ‘Al’s Deli’ to help with some of the food preparation. I turned up at 6.30 am and began rolling some of the most delicious smelling bagels I have had the pleasure of sniffing.

You may not realise but Bagel dough is rather tough and almost rubbery feeling… as Al mentioned “You could shoot it and the bullet would bounce right back”. It was really exciting getting to know how to roll and cook them to get that perfected finish I have so often ordered when visiting. I began on the plain bagels and then worked my way through to some mouth watering onion flavoured bagels.
Als Deli

Once we had enough bagels rolled and cooked to start the morning off, we moved onto the part I was really looking forward too…cronuts. These extremely delicious and some may say ‘naughty’ treats are a special type of dough which is cut out, deep fried, and then decorated with whichever flavour combinations you desire. The end result is a crispy, golden tower of wafer like pastry pumped full of delicious flavoured creams and toppings. I really can’t do these babies any justice in writing, you just need to go and try them.

We made some lemon, caramel, plain and the ever so popular maple bacon cronuts. These are just divine and I would LOVE to be able to try and make my own at home. I just need to get the pastry right, as I believe this is the most difficult part to get correct.

Als Deli 5

Once I had done my work experience for the morning I sat down, chilled out and enjoyed a delicious cup of tea with my breakfast. I also took some of Al’s famous strawberry cheesecake home to try finally (of course it was delicious).

Me and Carl have been going there constantly over the last few months and its just… so…good. Like Carl always says, “My high expectations are always met and then exceeded with this place’.

Als Deli 3

If you haven’t been to Al’s Deli yet then please take some well deserved time out to go and get breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are open quite late so you can even go for an evening dessert if you like, the apple pie fries with caramel dipping sauce is a must.

Al is the owner and an absolute gem, his team have some of the best customer service I’ve encountered in Auckland and the food is continuously outstanding. He’s recently been back to his homeland of Canada to gain some more great ideas and inspiration for his already tasty menu. Be sure to pop in and see what he’s currently serving.

Als Deli 2

My top 3 picks on the menu

  1. Poutine – Maple Smoked Brisket, French fries, Cheese curd and delicious Gravy
  2. Maple Bacon Cronut  –as described above
  3. The Saint – Maple Smoked Salmon, onions, capers, cream cheese and a fresh bagel

Visit his website here for the full menu –


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