Pinup Boot Camp 2014 – My Experience

Pinup Boot Camp 2014 - My Experience - Miss Charlotte Cake

Armed with Hairspray and Red Lippy! 

I had the pleasure of getting one of the first spaces at the much anticipated Pin up Boot camp which was held last Sunday at Grey Lynn Community Centre. It proved to be a fantastic and knowledge filled Sunday and I left feeling completely inspired and ready to take next years competition by the reins.

I wanted to do a quick write up before the next class on Sunday because I thought it might be beneficial for the next lot of ladies who attend.

The morning started off with us having to pre-curl our hair and make sure we came with our foundation on. This was great, as everyone turned up with pale faces and crazy rolled hair dos which proved to be a hilarious talking point amongst us as we waited to start.

The first class was taken by Miss Victory Violet – a look at 1940’s style hair and make up. We began with learning how to do a victory roll which is one of the most iconic and classic pin up looks, I loved learning about the different hair products everyone uses as its always great to talk about and compare. I definitely want to invest in some sea salt spray! After we successfully did a couple of victory rolls, we practiced signature looks of the 40’s looking at eyebrows, eye shadow, eye liner flicks and lips. It was definitely great to re-learn how to do rolls, as I feel like I learn something new about the technique each time I’m shown which is wonderful!

The second class was hosted by Lady Kitty Hawk who took us through the 1950’s styling of glamorous brushed out curls and make up. I particularly loved this class as I have always been too scared to keep brushing my set hair in case the curls fall out, but this has really helped me out, and like Natalie said… I was on my third day yesterday of brushed out curls and my hair still looked fab – heck… I even went for a job interview on Tuesday and they complimented me on my hair, not bad!

She taught us all about the ‘Power of the Set’ and the ‘Power of the Brow’. 

Pinup Bootcamp

Next up was Miss La Vida – she was fantastic and this was the class I was waiting for!

It was like learning how to walk all over again, pointing your toes and bending your knees when you walk. I like to think I’m a quietly confident person, but there was something quite strange about the idea of just ‘walking with meaning’ in front of a room of ladies. It’s almost like I forgot how to walk, and suddenly got super nervous with all these eyes on me.

I just kept trying to remember that practice makes perfect, and being in a very supportive environment definitely made it easier. I will definitely be practicing my talking, walking and posing in front of mirrors a lot more.

Honey L’Amour taught us all about fashion and how to put a killer outfit together working with colours, and accessories. She really showed us how one person would look at a particular outfit and put a certain style of accessories with it, and how someone else would pair that outfit into a completely different look. Everyone looks at clothing differently, and that’s why vintage fashion is so much fun. Anyone can wear it no matter what size or body shape you are and make it unique to them and their personality. Honey knows a lot about vintage fashion history so ask her lots of questions (I’m secretly hoping she will organise a fashion history class so I can attend and learn ALL the things). 

Last of all, we picked an outfit from Bombshell clothing that we wanted to wear for out photo shoot and split off into two groups – one group got their photos taken with Miss T Pin ups and the other group spoke with Von Vonski and the PR Team from VVTV.

Pinup Bootcamp 2014

It was a really great day, well worth the ticket price and it was fantastic to meet some of the girls I speak to on social media but have never met in real life. Morning tea and lunch was provided as well as coffee and tea.

I would highly recommend this if you are wanting to enter Miss Pin up as its a great way to meet with the organisers of the actual competition, and learn some skills to help you along the way.

Tips for the next class

  • Try to have at least 24 hour old washed hair – its best if you don’t wash your hair the night before as you will find it much easier to practice your hair styling when there is a little more natural oil on the hair
  • Take all the make-up you would usually put on your face i.e. powder, lip liner, lipstick, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, concealer, contour, everything you would usually use if you were doing your own make-up
  • Take some fake eyelashes with you, I stupidly forgot mine and really missed them at the end of the day when I had my photo shoot
  • Make sure you ask LOADS of questions – there is a reason these ladies are teaching you, and its because they know their stuff so absorb all the knowledge
  • Take a couple of your own coloured petticoats if you can – this will help with your dress choice for your photo shoot
  • Take a pen… I didn’t, and wish I did so you can scribble all the notes down in the book you get given
  • Take some flat shoes for during the day and a pair of heels for strutting about in Miss La Vida’s Class, I wish I took flats

Remember… don’t be scared or anxious, everyone there is wanting to learn so do the best you can and ask all the questions in the world. The only silly question is the one you don’t ask!

Let me know if you have any further questions otherwise have a fantastic day on Sunday!



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