Pinup Minnie Mouse

Pinup Minnie Mouse

So Movember is a pretty big deal in my house… my partner Carl has won Auckland ‘Man of Movember’ two years in a row and Movember is the time of year he looks forward to the most. Man of Movember is a pretty prestigious title, it basically means that you have mad facial hair growing skills, that you have worked super hard all month to not only raise awareness for men’s health but you’ve also put together a killer costume for the ending Gala in your city.

As a supportive Mosista, I decided to compliment Carl by dressing the exact opposite to his ghoulish and freaky Frankenstein costume. I got dolled up as Minnie Mo’use this year and got nominated for the ‘Miss Movember’ award.

To begin with my dress, I searched far and wide to try and find the ‘right’ red dress which happened to have large white polka dots on it. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be anything that was quite right so I decided to grab the red ‘Heidi’ dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.


Minnie Mouse 1


Not only is this dress perfect for my costume idea, but its actually so comfortable for wearing during the day at work. I wore this dress to the office this week and everyone told me I looked like I belonged on the top of a Christmas tree so there you go!

I went to Geoff’s Emporium on Dominion Road and started looking at the idea of using Velcro to stick white fabric dots onto the dress. While rummaging we later managed to find sticky felt sheets which were $2.00 per A4 size. I immediately knew these were the way to go as I would be able to stick them on for the night, and then carefully peel them off the next day. All I needed to do was use an upside down cup to trace the circles and then cut and stick them on. Simple!

For my heels (which I have received so many compliments on), I found them at Novo shoes in St Luke’s Mall and they were the ‘Bentley’ which retail at NZ $90.00. They are really comfortable, synthetic pumps and had the added bonus of being the perfect bright yellow which matched Minnie Mouse’s shoes. I’m going to go back and grab a couple more of the colours because I liked them so much.

For my headpiece – I contacted Alicia who is the creative brain behind Pop that Cassette. I firmly believe there is nothing that this talented lady can’t create, and if you need any pretty pieces to compliment your outfits then check out her Etsy page or get in touch via her Facebook page above for custom pieces. I told her I needed a gigantic Minnie Mouse bow, and she nailed it. As November was an incredibly busy month for me, I had completely forgotten about the mouse ears… Alicia firmly reminded me that there is nothing she can’t do, and added cute mouse ears on to the head band for me, and basically saved my costume.


Minnie Mouse


After adding a fluffy white petticoat under my dress to poof things out, and a white patent belt from Pinup Girl Clothing,  I was ready to go! Of course, I wanted to do a Pinup girl version of Minnie so I set my hair in hot rollers and then styled my hair in a brushed out set. I had about an hour to get ready between work and the Gala so I think I did pretty well.


Minnie Mouse 3




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