Zarbo in Newmarket- High Tea Review

Zarbo in Newmarket- High Tea Review

Zarbo is located in Newmarket on Morrow street and very close to a great fabric shop for all you sewing dames (or gents).

This place is second on the list as I had never heard of it before and after some intensive Google searching I was keen to try this new place. I also used to work in Newmarket and never knew Zarbo even existed so I made it my duty to check it out.

It was super busy on a Saturday morning and had a very Farro/Nosh deli feel to it with the food displays. There was a shop area off to the right, and the café/eating area around to the left. As soon as I walked in I could smell good coffee… I was impressed!

Once we arrived we were shown to our nicely set-up table and asked which tea we wanted, they have a ‘tea wall’ which I thought was cute where you could walk over and pick from the choices and they would brew it for you. Carl was allowed to have a coffee under the same cost which was good to know for those who may not actually like drinking tea. Me and my mum picked an English Breakfast and an Earl Grey. All the tea cups and plates were mismatched and super cute. I’m not going to lie when I thought about smuggling it all home in my handbag. We were each given a teapot to ourselves and I was able to get 3 full cups of tea from my pot.

Zarbo High Tea 2

When the beautiful stands were brought out we were given nine items to try each, five savoury and four sweet.

I have listed what we received below:

  • Scones with cream and jam
  • Coconut and Raisin Slice
  • Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel/Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Apricot Slice
  • Warm Frittata
  • Mini Sausages wrapped in pastry (so good!)
  • Sausage Rolls
  • High Tea Sandwiches with Cucumber/Ham as well as Egg and Spinach

All the food was extremely fresh, delicious, well cooked and full of flavour. I could easily have scoffed it all by myself HOWEVER, sharing is caring. I’m not sure whether what we got was the ‘standard’ or whether the high tea menu actually changes occasionally.

Zarbo High Tea

This was the only high-tea option that Zarbo offers, and was $26.50 per person. I thought it was a great price for the amount of food and tea we were given.

They offer a Gluten-free high tea for all you GF people –  they also have a full vegetarian and halal version (yay for options). You just need to mention this when you make your booking so they can make sure everything is prepared for you on the day.

If I was to have any critique it would be the raisin slice we were given as part of the sweet options ( you can see it at the top next to the apricot slice) – personally I’m not a fan of raisins and didn’t enjoy it (I gave it to Carl). It’s totally minor and something that wouldn’t deter me from going back at all, it just means next time I have more room for trying other tea flavours! The highlight for me was the apricot slice – it was sweet but had a tangy kick to it. Carl and my mum both loved the frittata and the sausage rolls. Super tasty!

Check out their website here – this high-tea would be great after a walk around Newmarket shops, or combined with some fabric shopping afterwards.


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