Pinup Posing Made Easy – A Simple Guide

Pinup Posing Made Easy – A Simple Guide

Keen to learn basic pinup posing?

Okay, first things first… this post isn’t covering your popular pinup posing like ‘laying on your back with arms delicately placed above your head’. This post is about how to do some very basic posing using only yourself and your outfit as props. It’s not as daunting as it sounds, I promise.

I wanted to share my tips on posing by yourself, standingwithout props while wearing a swing skirt and then a wiggle skirt. I remember being completely nervous at the idea of coming up with random poses while holding nothing and not knowing what to do with my feet or hands, and sometimes I still do feel a little unsure. I used to be super afraid of looking like an idiot in front of photographers, and really scared to ask for direction. If you know some basic go-to poses you will feel so much more confident when it comes to your next photo shoot, so hopefully this post can help you out.

A few basic things to remember with ANY pinup/vintage style photo shoots are:

  • Keep your feet pointed and high arched (point your toes inside your shoes and if you’re wearing bare feet, stand on your toes).
  • Keep your hands and fingers relaxed and dainty
  • Keep your chin up and pushed out slightly
  • Accentuate your curves, try not to stand straight on to the camera.

If you can keep those points in the back of your mind, then you’re well on your way!

Posing In A Swing Skirt/Dress

Swing skirts are so awesome and my absolute favourite for every day wear. If you’re wearing a pretty swing in your next shoot then you’ll want to show off all that beautiful fabric and petticoat. The images below are all poses where I have kept my feet relatively close together, but I have still tried to create a nice silhouette with my body (since my hips are hidden among the skirt).

Pinup Posing 2

I like to grab a side of my swing skirt and fan it out, especially if it’s a really pretty fabric. It’s also super fun to show off the colour of your petticoat underneath, use all that fabric as a prop and play around with it. Accentuate your waist by placing your hands/fingers inwards, drop your head and neck to either side slightly for a cutesy look.

Pinup Posing 3

The images above are all poses where I have placed my feet slightly apart. There are so many different ways to use your hands… I like to place mine on my waist, around my neck, playing with my hair, gently touching one shoulder or decolletage area, or pretty floating hands. Just remember to try to relax as much as you can while holding your poses and shake your hands out if you feel like they are becoming too stiff. You always want to keep your hands pretty, and softened.

Posing In A Wiggle/Dress

Wiggle skirts and dresses worship your curves, so that is exactly what you want to do when wearing one. Use those curves, and use them well. Feel sexy, feminine and strong. The images below are all poses where I have kept my feet close together.

Try putting the majority of your weight on your right foot and then jutting your right hip out to the side. Bring the left foot forward while bending the knee slightly and point your toes. Put your hand/s on your waist to draw attention to that area too. (See top left photo below).

Pinup Posing 4

Another pose is to bring your knees in together as if they are kissing, and pop one foot out to the side pointing your toes. Just think about accentuating the curves of your beautiful body.

Pinup Posing 5

Turn your body to the side slightly and raise whichever leg is on the outside a little. Even if you’re a petite gal or someone with little hip to waist ratio, this pose can help to enhance that classic shape. Pop your booty out a little too to really show off that area. One thing I noticed when these photos were taken (see below top left) is that my hand in that particular photo looks like a claw… that is NOT what you want haha. Perfect example of my hand looking too stiff and fingers aren’t relaxed.

Use your clothing and other parts of your outfit to help accentuate your pose. Point your toes in your shoes to keep your feet pretty and give a more shapely calf muscle. I used to be super un-confident about my calf muscles and called them ‘man legs’ when I was teenager. One day my best friend (who has similar looking calf muscles as me) told me that she was proud of her shapely calf muscles and that “we had legs that looked like they had walked” – I really liked that and it definitely changed the way I viewed my legs.

Last of all, one of my biggest pieces of advice would be to grab a full length mirror to practice in front of. The best way to get better as posing is to practice and find out how your body looks best. While this post may help, the point is to have as much fun as possible and only do something if it makes you feel comfortable. If you think your body looks fabulous a certain way then by all means use what you know and love.

Coming soon to the blog – posing in high-waisted pants or jeans

Please comment below with any tips you find super useful and help pass on the pinup posing knowledge


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