Living With A Pinup Girl – My Gentleman’s View

Living with A Pinup Girl - A Gents View - Miss Charlotte Cake

What is living with a pinup girl actually like?

As some of you will be aware, I wrote a similar post to this one earlier in the year which was super popular only to have my entire website lost, along with much of the content.

I asked my dapper gent Carl a bunch of pinup related questions to get his view on things… being a partner of a pinup girl, as well as a male within the pinup & vintage scene here in Auckland, New Zealand.

This is my homage to that long, lost post.

Miss Charlotte Cake and Carl

Pinup Girl* – adjectivea strong, sassy woman who prefers to style herself in fine fashion from previous decades (particularly the 1920’s right through to the 1950’s) to make oneself feel exceptionally confident

– Miss Charlotte Cake

I plonk down next to Carl with my mini recorder…

1. Hey Carl – what’s a pinup girl ?

Um, a pinup girl. I think the definition would be someone who embraces the style and the look of a 1940’s/1950’s sorta chick.

A pinup girl would be a woman who takes her sense of style from the 1940’s/1950’s/60’s… you know, suicide rolls, victory rolls, swing dresses. All of the stuff that you wear *chuckle*. I spose’ its having that love for old stuff, but you know incorporating it into the modern and the now. Yeah.

2. Okay so, when you first met me I would dress in lots of cute little vintage dresses that I would buy from my job at the second-hand store. What did you think of my dress sense back then?

It was part of the appeal. You looked pretty, you looked confident and different. I dunno, you looked different and I think that’s why I wanted a piece.

3. What are three of my favourite beauty related items?

Face masks. You love a lush face mask specifically, or you do make your own. Um, eyeliner… for your cat flicks. Um, lipstick. Mainly red, but sometimes you shake it up with orange or purple.

Is that right…?

Miss Charlotte Cake and Carl

Image by Tony McKay

4. Why do you like coming along to all the pinup events I attend? Atomic Markets, Photo shoots, Very Vintage Day Out etc

I like being involved and I find it interesting. Um, in terms of going to some of your photo shoots and stuff, I like seeing you feeling really confident and enjoying yourself, also assisting where I need too. Whether its like, holding a reflector or helping you with your posing questions, or anything like that really. I enjoy coming along to shoots because I have a bit of an interest in it anyway. Then in terms of the events like The Atomic Markets and VVDO and stuff, its fun. People are nice, it’s a good crowd to be involved in. Especially when you start getting older and its a little bit harder to make new friends. You walk into places like that and straight away um, you know you’ve got something in common with people. People are decent. Its fun.

5. Where do all my bobby pins disappear too?

*chuckle* god knows… I can remember I bought two packets of 100 for you not long along, and you’re lucky if you can find five at a time.

I think there must be bobby pin elves that just come and steal stuff in the night… either that or our cat eats them.

6. What are two of the biggest reasons why I love the brand ‘Pinup Girl Clothing’?

You like their variety and style. I think that’s one of the things. Um, good quality company too. You know, the ‘clothing for every body’. They’re just good. I just know that you really like their clothes.

Wellington Weekend

7. You’ve made me bunting, props for Miss Pinup New Zealand 2015, and you even help direct some of my photo shoots… what do you love about being part of the pinup and vintage community here in New Zealand?

I think it’s because its nice to just be involved. There are good people, and it’s just fun. I’ve always felt like I’m a little bit of an old soul, like you are. Um, yeah.. I think that’s it.

8. Who makes my favourite fake eyelashes in the world and why?

Would that be the Katy Perry ones ? That you get from Farmers? I mean, number one they are Katy Perry lashes and that kind of speaks for itself. You’re a bit obsessive. You just love Katy so that’s okay.

And why… coz… they… are… good? *cue cackle from me*

9. If you could pick your top two, favourite, modern-day pinup models who would they be?

Oh god… um… I’d have to go Dita. Does she count as a pinup model? She’s a vintage queen. Yeah Dita is amazing. Um, and she’s beautiful she’s a stunning woman.

I dunno, I’m not as clued up on this as you might be. Um, Micheline Pitt… she’s awesome. Yeah, I think she’s really cool. Yeah.

Miss Charlotte Cake and Carl

Image by Glory Days Magazine

10. What advice would you give other men whose girlfriends/partners/wives are into the pinup and vintage style?

Support it. It’s interesting and its fun. And the vibe of the ‘scene’ is great and it’s just cool to be involved and see the stuff that makes your significant other happy. I think that’s the biggest thing, and then it’s infectious because everyone is wicked. I haven’t met anybody that I’ve found to be a dick… basically.

11. Recently on social media I’ve come across a few women who publicly announce that their partners just don’t like their pinup style. That’s fine, everyone has their own opinions which they are entitled too but what would you say to those women who feel like they have to ‘change’ who they are and how they dress to please their partner?

Don’t… simple… don’t change. If they can’t accept you for the way that you are then they are the wrong person. Simple.

Or they just have to grin and bare it. Tough shit. I think… don’t ever change for anybody that’s the biggest thing. Just be yourself, as long as you’re happy and healthy and doing all that stuff. Don’t put up with crap when you don’t need to.

12. As a man, kissing your dame on the lips when they are wearing red lipstick can be a bit of a pain unless you fancy wearing the odd bit of lipstick (each to their own). What advice would you give to men who still want to show their lady some love whilst not getting lipstick all over the place?

*multiple chuckles*

Oh Jeez… carry a handkerchief in your pocket so you can wipe that stuff off. I think that would be a good one… or just give her a smooch on the cheek, or the forehead.

Miss Charlotte Cake and Carl

Image by Tony McKay

There you go, straight from the big man’s mouth. I’m incredibly lucky to have such a kind, and supportive partner who enjoys embracing this lifestyle.

Do your men need help?

Have you got questions for a bloke that you desperately need answers to? Leave comments below, and I’ll get Carl to answer them for the next post in this series.


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  1. March 1, 2016 / 8:04 pm

    Absolutely loved this post! Was a great read! 🙂

    • March 3, 2016 / 11:00 pm

      Thanks so much hun! Let me know if you have ideas for the next one in this series hehe x

  2. November 19, 2015 / 1:27 pm

    Such a sweet post! Loved it lady! XOXO

  3. November 19, 2015 / 8:16 am

    This is so cute! You are lucky to have your guy….he’s a keeper! I might have to steal this idea and we if I can get my guy to actually speak up.

  4. November 19, 2015 / 5:48 am

    I read this to my hubby he agreed to everything. He so loves seeing me happy and he loves the comments that I get from random people daily. Kaye

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