12 Great Places To Find Retro Style Reading Glasses

12 Great Places To Find Retro Style Reading Glasses

My gal pal Soda Fontaine has the ‘Lily White’ Keiko frames – they have a pearl finish on them and are so rad for adding that hard-core pinup sprinkle to her outfits. These are great statement glasses and are available at Bonlook (see further down in the post).

“I was looking for a larger framed cat eye, as I feel smaller cat eye frames don’t suit my face. I came across Modern June Clever wearing the Bonlook Keikos a lot on Instagram. They were exactly the kind of style I had looked for. I originally wanted the black but they were sold out so I went for the pearl. The pearl is a bit more statement but I like being a tad OTT and they are just so pretty”

– Soda Fontaine

Retro Style Reading Glasses - Miss Charlotte Cake

I wanted a more subtle look, something that would go with most outfits – colour and style wise. I picked the Twinkle Tort’ Skunkboy frames. My Skunkboy style is also available at Bonlook.

“A simple cat eye style finished with dark brown tortoise-shell print. They come complete with silver sparkles on the inside of the frames – because who doesn’t want a bit of glitz?”

– Miss Charlotte Cake

Retro Style Reading Glasses - Miss Charlotte Cake

Lady Kittyhawk – another friend of mine, went down a different route when choosing and buying her retro style reading glasses…

“The ones I’m wearing I bought from Rita Sue three years ago and they are fashion frames. I then asked my fab optometrist ‘Gates Optometrist’ in Hamilton, NZ to have my lenses added, they are really helpful and just made me accept responsibility if the frames break. They didn’t!”

– Lady Kitty Hawk

Retro Style Reading Glasses - Miss Charlotte Cake

“The frames below are vintage frames I found on eBay. I found 3 pairs, a real bargain $80 USD from a private seller in California. Here are two of the frames pictured (below), the third are at the Optometrist having my lenses added. It took me months to find the right ones, you have to get the right measurements for your face, if you’re not sure then find out your measurements from your optometrist”.

Retro Style Reading Glasses - Miss Charlotte Cake

European Brands

  • Retropeepers – Scotland based (owner is Australian) – fantastic range of retro style glasses, online shop.

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