Drab To Fab – Painting My Breville Cake Mixer

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

This post is all about how I gave my modern Breville Cake Mixer a makeover. I painted my cake mixer bright blue and I love it. 

I was laughing as I did it, because I feel like usually vintage cake mixers are given makeovers to look new again. Whereas I gave my new cake mixer a makeover to make it look more retro.

I chose a simple sky blue spray paint. We currently rent our place but my dream kitchen colours are sky blue and cherry red. One day I will have my cherry red SMEG fridge to match!

Read on to find out how I gave my cake mixer a makeover, as well as everything you will need to do your own DIY job at home.

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

Make sure you keep all the screws in a small container so you don’t lose any pieces

You will need:

Everything I brought cost me roughly $38.00 NZD from Bunnings Warehouse.

  • 1x Dulux Spray Paint in Sky Blue (or whichever colour you would like to use)
  • 1x Dulux Dura Max – Gloss Clear Coat
  • Painters Masking Tape (3M edging tape – leak proof)
  • Ultra fine Sandpaper
  • Dust Mask

You will also need a Phillips head screw driver (cross shape) – this will obviously depend on the individual bolts in your mixer.

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

To begin:

You will need a flat table, and to lay down newspaper or other protective covering for sanding your mixer.

I first removed the 3 small bolts that hold the metal base that the mixing bowl clicks into, (see above photo). I also removed the one large bolt that tightens the whisk mount (see below).

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

Next: I gave my entire mixer a soft sand with ultra fine sandpaper.

By doing this, you are giving the paint something to adhere too when you remove the gloss. I slightly wet the sand paper and gave an all over sanding. Once the mixer had dried I could see that the shiny gloss had been removed and was now matte. This is perfect and exactly what you want all over so be patient and thorough with sanding back the gloss.

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

Next I covered all the parts of the mixer than I didn’t want to be blue with 3M edging tape (leak proof). Be very careful when doing this step and use as much tape as needed to cover every last part that you don’t want painted. I then wrapped the power cord up inside a plastic bag and then taped it shut.

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

There should be small vents on the back of your mixer – pop a teeny strip of masking tape over these as well. You can paint around them with a brush later if needed.

I put a dust mask over my nose/mouth so I didn’t breathe any of the paint in, and put a super ragged old t-shirt on to protect my outfit. You can buy a pack of 5 dust masks from Bunnings for around $3.00.

I gave the spray paint a good shake (follow instructions on the back), and began to give it an all over (very light) spray in bursts. Make sure you stand back at least 30 centimeters, don’t get excited and spray super close otherwise the paint will be too thick in places and drip, causing bumps in the finished product.

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

I did a first base coat with the mixer upright, and left it for 30 minutes to dry. I continued this step 3 times, alternating with the mixer pushed up, and then down to make sure all areas got evenly covered.

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

Once I had 3 coats of even spray paint I left it to set overnight. In the morning I did one coat of the spray protector and shine. I left it for 1 hour to dry, then repeated with a second coat. Keep alternating the mixer by pushing the top up and down to evenly coat all areas. Leave for roughly 12 hours to set.

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

Once set, I gave the mixer a good check over for bumps or anything that may have got stuck in the drying paint. It looked perfect! I then gave it a wipe over with a damp cloth and then peeled off all the masking tape carefully.

Pop the bolts and any other pieces back in and you’re set to get baking!

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

This is a very simple makeover with one colour used (I might add a red stripe later down the track). You can get super creative with ideas depending on what you prefer. I’m so proud of the finished product and it’s a wonderful pop of colour in my kitchen for relatively cheap.

Painting Cake Mixer - Miss Charlotte Cake

If you have any questions related to this project comment below and I’ll answer as best I can.

I’m off to make a cake in my newly painted mixer!


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  1. January 25, 2016 / 11:13 pm

    Wow! Nice work, it looks amazing!

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