Pinup Pants and My Growing Obsession

Pinups Can Wear Pants Too - Miss Charlotte Cake

When deciding what I would like to wear in the morning, I never immediately think of pinup pants as a viable option. To be frank, I just never really liked wearing pants or jeans in general. They were always a ‘lazy day’ option or something I would throw on to do housework (true story). 

My go-to includes pretty swing dresses or swing style skirts not only for comfort but to make me feel the true ‘me’. I was always afraid that wearing pants wouldn’t feel feminine enough, or that they would ruin my personal style. I was also quite self-conscious of my derriere and how it looked in tight pants. 

Up until a few months ago, I didn’t have any wish to own a single pair of pants, ever. Until one day when I found and bought some fitting black Capri pants. It seems to have lit a fire in me, I seem to be finding pairs I love left, right and centre now.

I’ve decided to do this post for a few different reasons…

  1. To show myself that I look great in a pair of pants – and can still look and feel like a pin-up girl
  2. To show four different ways that I have chosen to style them
  3. To hopefully inspire others who may be fearful of pants, to step out of their comfort zone and try something different.

Here’s how I chose to style four pairs of my pin-up pants:

The Rockabella

Pinups wear pants too

Top: Curvy Couture by Judy Dee, Pants: Rock Steady, Shoes: Mi Piaci.

These Rock Steady High-Waist Capris reminded me of Wanda Woodward from one of my favourite films Cry Baby. I knew I needed to style them with leopard print, and flashy red to honour her fashion sense in that film. These pants have white swallows on the butt cheeks this detailing is the perfect amount of cheeky, rockabilly sass. The black denim is quite soft, so after a few wears, the fabric starts to relax. Washing and then drying will pop them back into place if they start to loosen.

I give mine a quick, delicate machine wash and hang them up to dry inside out (away from any sunshine). You want these to stay as jet black as possible, which is why I keep them out of the sun and only do a quick, basic wash.

They have a small zip + buttons on the front to do up. I have the size M and they fit quite snuggly around my 41″ hips + 28″ waist.

Pinups wear pants too

I think Wanda would have been proud.

The Sass 

Pinups wear pants too

Top: The Oblong Box Shop, Pants: Deadly Dames, Shoes: Windsor Smiths.

These are the Deadly Dames Hounds tooth Cigarette Pants – I grabbed these bad boys during the Black Friday sale last year. I chose my usual Size M, however, I would definitely size up at least one size. I studied the sizing chart online and stupidly ignored all the reviews and still bought my usual size. When I first opened them up I started laughing because they looked like a pair of skinny stockings. So tiny! It bit me in the ass when they arrived so don’t be a fool like me, size up! 

I’m wearing the Rago Shape wear 6207 underneath in this photo and still had to get Fran to zip up the back for me. They are so tight and are definitely my ‘standing up event’ pants. We were laughing when I called them ‘partner pants’ because I need a partner or friend around to do them up for me.

Pinups wear pants too

I feel unstoppable in these pants… biggest oxymoron because I actually can’t walk that fast while wearing them.

The Audrey

Pinups wear pants too

Top: Pinup Girl Clothing, Pants: Thrift-shop, Shoes: Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Brooch: Erstwilder.

I found this pair of pants for only $6.00 in one of my favourite Auckland Op-shops. They happened to fit perfectly around the waist and derriere with plenty of extra room in the legs. I was feeling pretty peachy from the moment I zipped up the breezy fabric in the fitting room.

I paired them with mint ballet flats and the Pinup Girl Clothing white Peasant Top for the perfect summer outfit. The opportunities and colour combos are endless with them and I will definitely be grabbing the Peasant Top in black to pair alongside too.

You can catch up on my recent op-shop post and how I like to refresh second-hand clothing here.

Pinups wear pants too

So cute, so comfortable and SO cheap!

The Howdy-doody

(not inspired by the 1950’s creepy TV puppet show that goes by the same name)

Pinups wear pants too

Top: Ralph Lauren, Dungarees: Collectif Clothing, Shoes: Converse.

I wanted to buy some dungarees for SO long. So when a few brands were recommended to me I studied the crap out of the sizing charts and styles and settled on this pair. The Pippa Dungarees by Collectif Clothing.

I was always afraid of what I would actually wear them and how often I would actually want to put them on. Surprisingly, they are so comfortable and I’m often wearing them to work or just around the house. Perfectly matched with a pair of ballet flats or sneakers they can be paired with all sorts of different tops to change the overall look.

Pinups wear pants too

I was totally afraid of the fit and whether they would give me a camel’s toe. So far, I’m camel-toe free and the side zip + dome makes them super comfortable and snug in all the right places. You can adjust the straps for comfort and even cross them over the back for a better fit. The roomy fit in the legs is comfortable, even though it took me a while to get used to the look/feel.

Then I started dancing

Then I started dancing

How cute is my friend Fran’s lounge? I made a big dispenser of Pimms as we were taking these photos. It was so much fun!

Pinups can definitely wear pants too without jeopardising your own personal style. If you love floral, keep an eye out for floral pants! Same things go for gals who may only like wearing black or darker block colours. There are pants out there for every style and body shape it’s just a matter of finding what works for you. Keep an eye out in local op shops, or get a custom pair made just for you tailored to your specific measurements. Well-fitted custom garments are worth their weight in gold.

I’m really looking forward to finding more pants that I love, do you have a pair that you feel super confident in?

All photos are by Fran Robertson – Decorator of People and Things

Miss Charlotte Cake

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  1. January 22, 2016 / 2:06 am

    These are super cute, Charlotte! I bought my first pair of pants in a long time a year ago, out of necessity because I kept getting attacked by mosquitos!

    Since then, I have acquired a couple more pairs, including a cute high waist capri, and I wear them all the time. Love seeing how you style yours!

    Leah x

    • January 25, 2016 / 5:04 am

      Cute Leah! I giggled when you mentioned you brought your first pair because of those pesky mosquitos, and thank you 🙂

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