My Foodie Bucket List – New Zealand & Abroad

My Foodie Bucket List - Miss Charlotte Cake

This is my foodie bucket list. 

A list of food related goals that I want to experience before I leave this earth. It’s a working list which will be added to regularly and I urge everyone to make one. 

  1. Try the High Tea at Wellington’s Museum Art Hotel
  2. Experience a Degustation meal
  3. Make my own Kombucha/Kefir drink – wasn’t a fan and it definitely wasn’t photo-worthy! 
  4. Bake the perfect Macaron
  5. Make vegetarian marshmallowsLavender Mallows (Gelatine Free)
  6. Bake a Charlotte Cake
  7. Hold a cake stall at the Very Vintage Day OutArt n’ Cake
  8. Construct the Mendl’s Pastry from The Grand Budapest Hotel
  9. To eat an upside down ice cream from MilseStrawberry and Matcha Green Tea goodness
  10. Make my own pasta
  11. Make my own breadHomemade Sourdough (recipe coming soon)
  12. Create a retro gelatine salad and get Carl to taste test it
  13. Make a leopard print loaf cake
  14. Visit and have High Tea at the Old Creamery in HamiltonPart I & II
  15. Grow my own watermelon
  16. Bake something using Matcha Green Tea powderMatcha Green Tea Cookies
  17. Make homemade KimchiDelicious, healthy Kimchi
  18. Have a high tea in a different countryHigh Tea at Primus Hotel

The United States Foodie Bucket List (April / May 2017)

  1. Eat a Peanut Butter and Banana Grilled Sandwich in MemphisGraceland
  2. Sip on a cocktail while at Clifton’s in LA
  3. Eat and drink while in the Southern States of America: Beignets at Cafe de Monde, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Pecan Pie, Praline, Catfish, Shrimp, BBQ, Crawfish Broil.
  4. Drink southern made iced tea while walking through the streets of Savannah, Georgia.Iced Tea

I can’t wait to get back to the states to not only add to this list but cross off what I haven’t experienced. 

Have a go at making your own bucket list! It doesn’t have to be food related, it can be small goals relating to whatever you’re interested in. 


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