The Olde Creamery High Tea Review – Part II

The Olde Creamery Tea Review - Miss Charlotte Cake

I was so excited to check out this quaint high tea in Hamilton. Firstly, if you haven’t already read my first post in this series – The Olde Creamery Photo shoot – Part I then have a read of that to set the mood.

I touch on the history of the land as well as a photo shoot in a gorgeous vintage style wedding dress. The café is a ‘not for profit’ supporter and often holds events and special high tea events at the café to raise funds for local charities.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

Upon being shown to our beautifully set table I took my seat and instantly felt like a rolling wave of relaxation just spread across me. There was something ultra-soothing about the cool breeze floating through the café, the subtle music playing softly in the background, the beautiful scenery outside and just knowing that I was away from the hustle and bustle of any city.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

The walls were covered in vintage knickknacks and old baking tools. I loved casting my eye across the room and taking in the collection. As Carl put it quite perfectly, “It was the right amount of busy… not too cluttered and everything had its place”.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

We were greeted by Chris, the friendly owner who passionately told us about the teas on offer while handing us a tea menu to browse through. I decided after much debate to pick ‘The Olde Creamery Blend’ which was a fragrant, relaxing white tea that smelled (and tasted) delicious. Carl chose an uplifting citrus blend with lime. His was perfect for feeling re-energised and awake. We were given a full large teapot each, a strainer, and extra hot water.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

The savouries came out first, and we dove straight for the cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches. It was full of crisp salty cucumber, creamy mayonnaise in a freshly cut sandwich. It’s the simple pleasures right? There was also an array of mini savouries and ham sandwiches, the perfect country-style high tea. 

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

Dessert was next, my favourite part… I was so impressed to finally see some lamingtons in my high tea adventures… this was the first place that I’ve come across who served them (and boy were they delicious).  There was also an excellent scone with cream and jam, and a chocolate cupcake. My favourite was definitely the chocolate lamington.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

Molly the cat was asleep in a large tin bucket next to us – she’s an old dame and has greeted guests at the Olde Creamery for 16 years now. She even has her own power point presentation going in the café full of adorable photos – it’s like a Molly shrine.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with this place. It’s cute, low-key, relaxing, and the perfect place to ‘escape’ for a few hours. There’s plenty of tea, food, banter or even a game on the large chess board outside!

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

Depending on the time of year there are free organic vegetables to take home. We arrived just in time to grab one of the large fresh cucumbers she had in the box outside the café doors. Chris told us if we came back in a fortnight or so the pumpkins would be ready. Cute!

Olde Creamery Cafe visiting details:

  • $30.00 per person and for an extra $10.00 per person you can order some champagne, a bargain really!
  • As with most high tea’s – bookings are essential.
  • Gluten Free & Vegetarian options are available

We were able to pick a delicious flavoured chocolate to take home and a cute memento bookmark – which I actually desperately need (goodbye Avon magazine that’s been a bookmark replacement).

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

This would make an amazing Pinup Honey’s event for the Hamilton girls and others in the surrounding areas it’s only a short drive out of central Hamilton. Depending on numbers there is a private upstairs room which you can hire for $30.00 too.


If you do head over to this magical place make sure you tell Chris I sent you!


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