The Olde Creamery Photoshoot – Part 1

The Olde Creamery Tea Review - Miss Charlotte Cake

I’m so pleased that I was finally able to make the trip down to The Olde Creamery Cafe. It’s located in Hamilton has been on my high tea review list for a while and I had this trip booked in since back in January. 

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

I met with Chris – the owner of this lovely homestead. She has to be one of the kindest, most welcoming souls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She passionately told us stories about the history of the land, and how The Olde Creamery used to be just that! It was built-in 1862 and was a creamery for the locals until the 1930’s.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

The land was also home to a large Rose nursery during the 1960’s. If you visit you’ll notice the theme of roses throughout the venue. From fresh rose plants to dainty rose decorations in the café, rose teapots and teacups, rose decorations on top of the cupcakes, and Rose Cottage – an elegant Bed & Breakfast on site.

It was Chris’s dream to create The Olde Creamery Cafe, and she lives on site in a large beautiful old house with a white picket fence. I couldn’t help but get a few photos in her wild rustic garden.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

It’s an intimate wedding venue – upon arriving inside the café you’re acquainted with a photo board filled with various gorgeous wedding photos.

I’ve wanted to do a photo shoot in Judy’s wedding dress ever since April last year (2015). I wore it for the first time up on stage at the Very Vintage Day Out as part of the ‘CurvyCouture by Judy Dee’ fashion show during the day. Lace and pearl buttons…. so timeless. After wearing this dress in the fashion show I knew I needed to get some photos of it in the perfect setting.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

I chose The Olde Creamery Cafe in Hamilton because of a few reasons:

  1. I wanted to wear the wedding dress in a local spot to Judy – I thought it was only proper to wear it at a place in Hamilton.
  2. Secondly, I was able to check out the high tea that the café offers at the same time. I like to tie in vintage/pin-up styling with food when possible. This high tea review will be coming to the blog later this week.
  3. And lastly, The Olde Creamery is also an intimate wedding venue. It seemed to be the perfect spot to encompass all the reasons why this particular dress deserved to be worn here.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

I chose to accessorise this dress with a deep red. I made some hair flower clips and chose a deep rich shade for my nails and lips that matched. Because of the cream lace with champagne underlay, I really wanted to break up the colours with a romantic shade of red. I wore cream shoes to match the dress and specifically wanted the strap on heels, I really didn’t want to accidentally fall over or slip while wearing this beauty.

The Olde Creamery Miss Charlotte Cake

The reason this dress is so incredibly poofy is that I’m wearing a circle skirt made of a stiff, yet lightweight fabric underneath it. Judy actually made one especially for this dress to get that beautiful shape in the skirt.


This is my first photo shoot with Carl – can you believe he took these photos? A huge thank you to my usual photographer Annupam for letting us borrow his amazing camera, and a big thank you to Chris for being so hospitable and helpful.

I would also like to thank Judy for letting me borrow her wedding dress. If you would like your own custom garment do get in touch with her at CurvyCouture by Judy Dee

Part 2 in this series will be out on Thursday so stay tuned for this upcoming high tea review.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. April 2, 2016 / 2:10 am

    Wow! That’s one beautiful dress! (and a beautiful lady wearing it). What a treat to get dressed so wonderfully and learn more about this venue

    • April 2, 2016 / 2:40 am

      Thank you Amanda! It’s a truly gorgeous venue and so underrated! I knew I had to shed some light on its awesomeness 🙂

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