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You know the drill – my ‘On The Wire With’ series is all about showcasing talented, boss women who are rocking at what they do. This post is all about Kaci Hansen, also known as The Homicidal Homemaker.

If you’re a fan of horror, gore, and all things creepy then you will absolutely adore her, read on… if you dare… mwahahahahaha!

MCC: When did you first start delving into the world of horror and spookiness?

KH: Horror and Halloween have both always been a big part of my life…even though I hated horror films when I was little! My parents were both horror fans, and watched them often, and I would be absolutely terrified. But that is where the fascination began – I wanted to know everything I could about how one could obscure that line between fantasy and reality. Aside from that, I was a fan of The Munsters and The Addams Family for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is watching the episodes at my great-grandparents house.

the homicidal homemaker 1MCC: You’ve been working super hard on your upcoming cooking show – what exactly can we expect to see on this exciting new project of yours?

KH: The episodes are available over on my YouTube channel, at www.youtube.com/homicidalhomemaker.

Viewers can expect to see new recipes, as well as some of the most-popular recipes from my website with fun new twists and variations. We have also filmed several product reviews that will be uploaded to the channel.

MCC: You’re also a musician, how many instruments can you play?

KH: Guitar definitely takes front and center when it comes to my favorite instrument, but I also dabble around with my keyboard. Oh, and I was totally a band geek – I played clarinet and percussion throughout middle and high school.

the homicidal homemaker 2

MCC: What’s the biggest horror themed cooking disaster that has ever happened to you?

KH: To be quite honest, I haven’t really had many disasters when it comes to testing recipes, but some of my shaped meatloaf recipes were pretty horrific looking, but I guess that added to the look of the last dish, haha! Actually, one that comes to mind that wasn’t necessarily a disaster but had a different outcome than expected, was when I recreated a vintage recipe from the 1962 edition of The Joys of Jell-O, titled “Ring Around the Tuna.” I know…if that doesn’t make you want to run away, I’m not sure what will. Anyhow, I started a feature on my blog called “The Chopping Block” where I tried to discover the most horrifying, vomit-inducing mid-century recipe and recreate it. I surely thought “Ring Around the Tuna” would take the cake. I took the dish to one of my events, and much to my dismay, everyone enjoyed it. I went home with an empty plate!

MCC: Any tips for baking the perfect cake?

KH: Always use room temperature eggs! I’ve noticed that my cakes bake up higher and are less likely to “fall” than when using eggs directly out of the refrigerator, and when making French macarons, room temperature egg whites have been the key to my success.

the homicidal homemaker 3
MCC: You seem to be such an all-round powerhouse of talent, from baking, event organising, acting plus all the other amazing things you are doing. Do you have staff or a bunch of super amazing friends that help you with your brand?

KH: I have an AMAZING crew that works on the show, and we’ve all become such close friends. Up until the show, everything that happened on TheHomicidalHomemaker.com was done solely on my own – recipe creation, preparation, photographing, and posting the recipes on the website. I still do all of those things, but it is really awesome to be able to have my producer, Neptune Cinema, handle everything with filming and editing, as well as making a lot of the props and set pieces. I also write and help with directing every episode. My sweetheart also co-writes with me, and does all the music. I also have my brother on set as a production assistant. All of us wear many hats, and while it is hard work, we have a blast filming the episodes.

MCC:  I love your whole look, what are you favourite beauty items at the moment?

KH: Thank you! I am really in love with NYX brand lipsticks. They work just as good as the lipstick I used to pay over $20 a tube for, for just a fraction of the price.

Nightmare on Elm Street

MCC: What is your absolute favourite sweet treat when you feel like scoffing something yummy?

KH: That’s a tough one! I would like to say French Macarons, but those are quite time-consuming. So I would have to say my signature Blood Red Velvet cupcakes would be my go-to. 🙂

MCC: Where do you go for inspiration for new recipes and horror themed dishes?

KH: I watch horror flicks! The gears in my head are constantly turning, dreaming up ghoulish concoctions for the show and website! Sometimes, I’ll be making a non-horror recipe, and a lightbulb just goes off, and I think of a creepy twist on it.

MCC: What is your favourite horror film, and why?

KH: This is always the toughest question to answer, haha! Since I grew up with primarily 1980’s horror, pretty much anything from the 1980’s is extremely nostalgic for me, but 1950’s/60’s horror films are also very dear to my heart, as well as Giallo flicks.

So, just to rattle a few favorites off of the top of my head: Strait Jacket, The Tingler, Slumber Party Massacre II, Night of the Demons, Trick or Treat (Sammi Curr lives!), Tenebrae, Demons, Chopping Mall, Return of the Living Dead, Popcorn, They Live, Re-Animator, Night of the Creeps, The Stuff, Christine, The Shining, Dead & Buried…if I don’t cut myself off now, we’ll be sitting here forever.

The Homicidal Homemaker

MCC: Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

KH: Again…a tough question. It is hard to pick one. William Castle is my favorite director, and his movies have had a tremendous impact on me, so he is definitely one of them. Another one is Alice Cooper. I’ve listened to his music my entire life, and the first time I saw him live in concert, I was completely in awe of the stage performers and remember thinking, “I wish this was my job!” I walked away from that show so inspired and motivated to find my own personal way to showcase my passion for the horror genre, and have continued to have my entire life revolving around the genre in various ways. And of course, both Vampira and Elvira are both very iconic to me, and I admire both of those beautiful ghouls so much!

MCC: You must have a million future projects in the works, any clues about what you’re going to be up to next?

KH: I’m currently finishing up the first cookbook from The Homicidal Homemaker, which has been in the works for some time. Other than that, I am booked for several horror conventions and expos later this year, where I will be teaching my horror cooking classes and workshops.

A girl who bakes, loves horror AND Alice Cooper… Marry me? Make sure you go and watch the #Twinpeaks cherry pie video – it has to be my favourite!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these Kaci I have loved learning more about you and everything you do!

To see more from the Homicidal Homemaker make sure you subscribe to her Youtube channel at the link above and visit her website.

If you or someone you know would like to featured on my ‘On The Wire With’ series then get in touch via my contact page, I’m always looking for awesome boss women to chat too!

Stay creepy!

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