Rare Tea’s Collection – Perfumes by Jo Malone London

Rare Tea’s Collection – Perfumes by Jo Malone London

Your signature scent should be something that makes you feel like you could conquer the world and that’s exactly how I felt when I walked out of Jo Malone London’s flagship boutique at Britomart.

The aromatic experience began with my friends and I being shown the complete Rare Teas Collection along with a little history on how the fragrances were made (it took four years to design the collection). After being introduced to each scent, we were asked to pick our favourite of the bunch, and after a little internal struggle,  I settled on the classically fragranced Golden Needle Tea.

Miss Charlotte Cake Jo Malone London

Favourites selected and bubbles in hand, we were then guided to the in-store sampling station and shown the base note ingredients of our chosen perfumes. Looking at the tea in its natural state, we were told all about the origins and history of the range. When it finally came time to sampling the perfume there was no haphazard spritz behind the ears or splash on the wrists, instead, the fragrance was lovingly patted onto my arms by one of the store experts. 

So much more than just a perfume tester, the whole experience was relaxing and enjoyable, I felt pampered and will definitely be heading back to find more fragrances that I love. I smelled my wrists throughout the day and the scent continued to develop well into the evening – I could smell the heavier sandalwood and leather notes which were so luxurious. 

Miss Charlotte Cake Jo Malone London

I felt like a queen walking back to the Online Republic office. It’s incredible how much confidence you gain when you know that you smell delicious!

I had been matched with my ‘scent soul mate’. I would happily save up and invest in a luxurious bottle of this precious perfume – especially now, knowing the time and thought that has been devoted into creating the Rare Teas Collection. How beautiful would that gorgeous bottle look on your vanity? 

Miss Charlotte Cake Jo Malone London


The Rare Teas Collection is available in only one hundred Jo Malone London stores across the globe and the Britomart boutique is lucky to be one of them. It really is worthwhile stopping by and having a chat with the lovely ladies in-store – you never know what scent you’re going to fall in love with.

Read the original article I wrote for Britomart here – Rare Teas Collection


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