Antipodes Mineral Makeup Helped Save My Skin

Antipodes Mineral Makeup Helped Save My Skin

Antipodes Mineral Makeup helped me feel confident about my skin again. 

I have always been open to talking about my hormonal facial skin – my problem areas are my cheeks and chin area which had got substantially worse over the last 3-4 years. It’s totally ridiculous, I had the most amazing skin throughout my teenage years so it’s really bothered me that I can’t have clear ‘adult’ skin.

I’ve done all the right things: exercise, drinking bucket loads of water daily, cleansing, 5+ a day fruits and vegetables, face masks, juice detox’s, expensive clinic facials, vitamins and my most recently failed attempt at a Dermatologist – where I paid $400.00 for a consultation and 3 products. They didn’t work, and only made my skin worse because they were so strong for my sensitive skin.

Below are two photo’s of my skin on a particularly bad day so you can really see what I look like with no foundation products on. I have absolutely nothing on my base, just plain ol’ skin. It’s been quite difficult for me to pluck up the courage to post these almost bare-faced photos. This is my skin on a particularly bad day, and it causes me a lot of anxiety to even think that other people will see these photos. This is me, and this is real so I’m going out of my comfort zone to face reality. 

The only slightly information I really took away from that dermatologist consultation was that apparently I shouldn’t be drinking coffee as it puts my body into ‘stress mode’ and that in turn creates extra zits… Is this actually true? Should I also stop eating chocolate, chilli, garlic, ginger and anything else that’s classed as a stimulating food?

Antipodes Makeup Skincare

It’s was an ongoing issue for me and has really affected my confidence over the years. I just felt completely deflated until I stumbled upon some info about using mineral makeup. I was slathering a creamy MAC foundation + powder on my poor face everyday in a desperate bid to cover up what I dubbed ‘my teenage oily pizza face’ (you have to sing it in the Ninja Turtles theme song). 

Antipodes Makeup Skincare

Now, MAC wasn’t doing me ANY favours – it’s thick foundation was clogging up my skin and making it really hard for it to breathe. Plus, when you think about it… *WARNING* my personal opinion incoming…. MAC is a top notch, heavy duty makeup brand designed for the catwalk runways and high fashion photo shoots. Worn for short periods of time and designed to look impeccable under strong lighting. Not really for long, everyday use by myself – so naturally my skin was giving me ALL the signs to stop using these base products because it really wasn’t working for me.

I still use MAC – I love the lip pencils, eye shadows, lipsticks and swear by their makeup brushes. But I’ve vowed to no longer touch their foundations or powders.

I’ve changed my base makeup products to Antipodes lightweight mineral foundation and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They were almost immediate, first of all I didn’t look like an oily sardine by 3.00pm (which is fab!). Secondly, my painful hormonal skin seemed to instantly relax – my whole face just felt better overall. I guess it finally hit me… our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs whatever is put onto it. I knew that my painful skin would be absorbing nastiness, this would definitely not be helping the healing process. This is what the Antipodes website says about the foundation powder I’m using:

“Achieve great coverage with these mineral foundations from nature that give the healthy, flawless appearance of a soft and dewy second skin. These hydrating, skin-perfect foundations with natural SPF 15 feature revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Performance Plus. It helps reduce facial flushing, while earth minerals help balance oil production, rescue blemished skin and give the most natural of tones. This is a range of lightweight foundations that is superb for all skin conditions, including normal, oily, blemish-prone and rosacea”.

You can read more about Vinanza Performance Plus online, I’ve been reading lot’s about its benefits to skin. 

Antipodes Makeup Skincare

After using both products on my skin with no concealer

A few people have asked about the shades, and how I chose the right one. I literally went into the St Luke’s Farmers department store with zero makeup on and my makeup brush in my bag. I went straight up to the counter and told the two women that I was going to do my full face in the mirror because I’m pale AF and I want to make sure I get the right shade for my skin. I also told them that yes… this was my own makeup brush which I brought to use (if someone had thought I pinched it!). 
Antipodes Pale Pink Makeup

I use the Mineral Powder in Pale Pink (NZ $46.90) – taking extra time to add more product around my problem areas and under the eyes. I’m pretty pale, and this is the lightest shade that they offer which in my opinion, is perfect for my skin. 

Antipodes Makeup

I then dust all over with the translucent skin-brightening setting powder (NZ $46.90) which is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. It’s a light, ‘barely there’ powder which leaves a brightened look all over my skin and helps to set the base powder, I’m obsessed! 

Antipodes Makeup Skincare

After using both products on my skin with no concealer

The only thing I really didn’t really like about the product when I initially brought it, was that it’s a loose powder. It’s grown on me now, I just wasn’t used to it and only used pressed powder. I hope they bring out a pressed blotting powder, not that I NEED it but it would be nice to keep that in my bag for quick application or touch ups if needed later in the day. 

If you buy these products, you will need to make sure you have a fluffy, dusting brush to apply your product. Antipodes offer a Kabuki brush as part of their range which is really nice for dusting the powder on. I didn’t buy this as I already have a big fluffy brush which I use for applying both products, but it’s a nice option to know about. 

Antipodes Makeup Skincare

After using both products on my skin with no concealer

Of course I can’t attribute my skin looking and feeling better solely to Antipodes – I am also on a different contraceptive pill which is called Ginet, and it’s specifically targeted to improving skin. 

It’s been a few years of spending a lot of money, and trailing anything and everything to find out what is wrong with my skin and why it keeps flaring up. I seem to be on the road to recovery and my skin is currently looking tons better. It’s healing process which won’t happen overnight, but it’s getting there… and that’s all the matters to me. 

Let me know what you think of these Antipodes products if you’re currently using them, whether you love them or not! If you have other questions about anything I’ve touched on during this post then comment below. 


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