Besame Perfume Review – Decades of Fragrance

Besame Perfume Review – Decades of Fragrance

The Besame ‘Decades of Fragrance’ set is based on familiar ingredients from each period ranging from the 1910’s right through to the 1960s.

This collection is a real treat; as well as six different fragrances; each petite roller ball perfume comes complete with trademark packaging to ensure you look every bit as elegant as you’ll feel. I wanted to write a review with a twist… so I decided to dress in each decade according to the perfume and how each unique scent made me feel.


Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque, Klimt, 1910s Floriental

This scent made me feel relaxed, and romantic.

This scent made me feel soft, relaxed and romantic.


Hollywood, Rumours & Scandals, 1920s Floral, Ambery, Musky

Miss Charlotte Cake Besame Perfume Vintage 1920

This scent was a flirty, energising smell which became quite heavy and intoxicating as time went by.


Marlene Dietrich, Cigarette and Seduction, 1930s Oriental

Miss Charlotte Cake Besame Perfume Vintage 1930

This is my favourite scent out of the lot! Perfectly transitioning from a light day scent to a heavier smell with more applications for the evening.


After Prohibition, NYC jazz club, 1940s Aromatic, Floral, Ambery

Miss Charlotte Cake Besame Perfume Vintage 1940

This had an extremely classic and familiar smell to me… it wasn’t one of my favourites but I still really enjoyed the warming smell it had by the afternoon.


Billie Holiday, Intoxicating Gardenia, 1950s White, Floral, Powdery

Miss Charlotte Cake Besame Perfume Vintage 1950

Fresh, fruity and creamy vanilla all at the same time. One of my favourites!


Classic vs Modern, The Graduate, 1960s Chypre Floral

Miss Charlotte Cake Besame Perfume Vintage 1960

If there was ever a scent that captured the sixties… this is definitely it!

I will definitely be purchasing the full size 1930’s bottle; it’s by far my favourite. The warm musky vanilla base notes after about three hours of wearing this fragrance are undeniably sensual. I find this particular scent quite nice for a day perfume which also transitions nicely into an evening perfume. I like lighter smells during the summer months and during the day, while evening events and winter are perfect for heavier more intoxicating scents.

They are the perfect size for keeping in your handbag if you fancy a little top-up during the day like I do. The roll-on applicator makes it super easy to distribute the perfume right where you want it and as Coco Chanel once said — ‘A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed.’

I would highly recommend this set, it allows you to try six different 5 ml perfumes and even if you’re not that fond of a particular scent you can pass it on to someone who might enjoy it. That way you haven’t got a large bottle of a scent you’re not going to wear. If you love a particular smell, you can buy the full-size bottle! The packaging would be a welcome gift for any ladies handbag or vanity. Like all Besame products, these perfumes are of course vegan and made with essential oils.

If you would like to know more details about which scents make up each perfume, check out the Besame website for a detailed breakdown.

This post is not sponsored by Besame, just me talking about a product that I honestly love! Also, a HUGE thank you to my friend Rose Jackson for allowing me to raid her incredible vintage collection so I could find the right pieces for this blog post.

Which is your favourite look and why? Let me know in the comments below!


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