Pearls Are Always Appropriate

Pearls Are Always Appropriate

^^ That’s a famous quote by Jackie Kennedy and it speaks to me immensely, so I knew I had to use it in this post about pearls. Isn’t it perfect? 

I wear pearls most days; they are pretty much my go-to when it comes to accessories. I like having necklaces and earrings that match. 

Pearls make me feel really glamorous, and can instantly add class and sophistication to any outfit. I remember when I first start wearing pearls fresh out of high school, I would rock leather skirts, band shirts and a string of pearls. I wanted to feel rock n’ roll but also glamorous and delicate at the same time. I think some people may think pearls are too ‘nanna-ish’ but I don’t care!  

Miss Charlotte Cake Michael Hill Jeweller Pearls

The cultured pearl set that I’m wearing is from Michael Hill and I love them so much. I chose the necklace, earrings and ring so that I could wear each piece separately for a clean, classic look or all at once and still be matching. I’m quite picky when it comes to looking too ‘over the top’ with accessories I like to keep things simple. I like the fact that I can wear ALL of the pearls without looking too ‘frosted’. 

Miss Charlotte Cake Michael Hill Jeweller Pearls

I chose to get the silver heart on my necklace engraved with ‘Miss Charlotte Cake’ – I took it to a local engraver here in downtown Auckland on my lunch break and asked him to make it cursive which he happily did for about $15.00. It’s perfect, and the silver accent matches the rest of my silver rings, which I usually wear on a daily basis. 

The set that I’m wearing in these photos are all real, cultured freshwater pearls with sterling silver. This means they were grown on a pearl farm from start to finish, which is why they are such a perfect, round shape. I also have pale pink, and black pearl earrings. 

Miss Charlotte Cake Michael Hill Jeweller Pearls

It’s become a mission in life to collect as many real, white pearl necklaces as I can; I’m on the hunt for any with particularly beautiful and intricate clasps.

I also have in my collection, the most beautiful dangly natural pearl necklace that I haven’t got any photos of. It must have at least 500 individual white pearls attached to it and feels so cold and lovely on my neck when I wear it. Because they are perfect strands of natural pearls, (haven’t been cultured in a farm) they are all different sizes and shapes. Quite an investment piece! 

Pearls and red lipstick are the epitome of timeless glamour to me, it’s not often I don’t have some sort of pearl based accessory on. 

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