Natvia Natural Sweetener & a Sugar Free High Tea

Natvia Natural Sweetener - Miss Charlotte Cake

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Natvia’s sugar-free high tea series at the Langham Hotel in Auckland. Natvia is a natural sugar-free sweetener made from Stevia. It’s a plant which is sweeter than sugar, but doesn’t have any effects on blood glucose levels.

Use Natvia wherever you would use regular sugar:

  • Baking
  • Coffee/tea
  • Smoothies
  • Jams

Natvia Natural Sweetener - Miss Charlotte Cake

The high tea event began with founder, Sam Tew talking about the beginnings of the brand and how it came to be what it is today. He spoke about how his wife wanted sweet treats during her first pregnancy. She also had gestational diabetes, and he couldn’t believe the only available options were full of sugar. Where were the organic sweet options? Why was everything available either artificial or contained tons of sugar? Sam knew he needed to make some changes for those who have health related problems and are unable to consume sugar. 

Natvia Natural Sweetener - Miss Charlotte Cake

The high tea was really nice, I wolfed most of it down within 15 minutes because that’s how I roll with food in general. I left the sweetie treaties till last and literally couldn’t taste the difference  between Natvia, and normal sugar.  I also didn’t feel sick, or have a sugar rush (big plus!).

The food tasted great, which is exactly what you want with a sugar replacement. In the end, if I’ve got a sugar craving, I want something to curb that isn’t going to make me feel like a gluttonous pig. Natvia is the perfect solution for someone who wants to eat less processed sugar, quit sugar entirely or can’t eat sugar because of a medical purpose. 

Natvia Natural Sweetener - Miss Charlotte Cake

I’m usually a ‘full fat, full sugar’ kinda gal – but even this product has me intrigued! Particularly because I ate an entire high tea with tiny treats that contained zero processed sugar. That’s pretty damn exciting! I’m really motivated to get into my kitchen and experiment with Natvia. First up, I’ll be making Carl’s dad some cookies to test out for me, he’s diabetic – so will fancy a treat that’s not harmful to his condition. 

Natvia Natural Sweetener - Miss Charlotte Cake

Even my Rose iced tea had no added sugar! Just a little Natvia.

To introduce this natural sweetener to New Zealander’s, Natvia will be hosting a number of Sugar Free High Tea events around Auckland City. Stay tuned for more info on these upcoming events. 

It’s easy to get your paws on this product because you can buy Natvia from Countdown, Pak n’ Save and New World.

I’ve been reviewing my way around Auckland’s High Tea offerings for a while now. Check out my other reviews and see if something particular tickles your fancy. 

Have you ever tried a natural sweetener before? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 


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