7 Lush Products That Have Ingredients Bakers Would Use

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

I love Lush products – they’re one of my favourite things to go and splurge on when I feel like treating myself to a pamper. I love that when I bring Lush home, it motivates me to take a moment and have some well deserved ‘me time’. 

Did you know that all of their products are ethically made and contain no harmful ingredients? Many of the products use fresh fruits, oils and other normally edible ingredients (though I would never recommend eating any Lush product).

I decided to check out a few products which contain foods I would normally cook or bake with – If it’s good enough to eat, then why not nourish your skin from the outside. 

Santa Baby Lip Tint

A non drying and relatively matte lip tint which has a surprisingly high pigmentation. It’s staying power is next to none especially after I’ve eaten. I’m also really happy it’s now in a tube, rather than the pots it used to be sold in. 

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Cinnamon

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

Santa Baby Lip Scrub

Deliciously cola flavoured and perfect for someone like myself who wears lipstick every day. I use it in the evening before my shower to scrub of lipstick remains and dead skin. Festive kisses where you at?

Cherries, Dates and Caster Sugar

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

Strawberry Feels Forever

This massage bar took a while to grow on me because of its sweetness but now I love it. It smells like a strawberry sundae. I prefer to melt this massage bar between my hands and rub all over my legs before I go to work for soft strawberry scented pins. Also, a little bird told me a punnet of strawberries goes into each bar… 

Fresh Strawberries

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

Salted Coconut

The Salted Coconut hand scrub has to be one of my recent favourites. I adore how rich and creamy it is and in typical ‘Charlotte fashion’ use it on my elbows too – I’m kinda obsessed with exfoliating my elbows, I can’t help it (ask my friends Amber or Kendra). This freshly scented scrub is so lovely, definitely one for the body only – it’s pretty scrubby so I wouldn’t recommend using it near your face. 

Organic Silken Tofu and Fine Sea Salt

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

The Olive Branch

This shower gel is so relaxing and moisturising with very little foam. It’s definitely one I would recommend for anyone with dry skin, particularly during the winter months with its silky fair trade olive oil which helps to empower woman. Always give it a good shake before you use it as the oil settles at the top of the bottle. 

Fair Trade Olive Oil and Mandarins

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

Catastrophe Cosmetic

Blueberries are high in antioxidants so why wouldn’t you slather them all over your skin? This has always been my favourite face mask from Lush and it’s popular for good reason.

The perfect mask for making sore, acne prone, sensitive skin feel calm and relaxed. 

Fresh Blueberries

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

Buche De Noel

It took me a while to get used to this cleanser because of the way it’s used. Take a small ball of product and mix it with a little water into your fingers. The gently massage it into your face. You’ll notice the soft ground almonds work as an exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. I really like it, but I do prefer the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser purely because my skin reacts really well to lavender. 

Ground Almonds, Dried Cranberries and Brandy (If you like making Christmas Cake *wink*).

 Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake


I got the mermaid Fun! It’s a mouldable soap which is fantastic for kids (and adults). It can be used for washing hair, skin, shaving legs, making fun shapes, bubble bath or just sniffing (the mermaid Fun smells like citrus and is really refreshing). Pinch a tiny amount off, rub it between your hands with water and you’ll have a softening creamy lather in no time. Plus… a certain amount of money from each pot of Fun goes towards children’s projects – learn more here

Corn Starch and Fair Trade Vanilla

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

Lush Products - Miss Charlotte Cake

Don’t laugh at my effort!

Have you tried any of these Lush products? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Lush products are something I could go on, and on about. Also, if you’re wanting to try any of the limited Christmas products like Santa Baby or Buche de Noel then now is the time to head into your local Lush store. 

All in all, I love that this brand takes nutritious foods that we would normally just eat – and turns them into an amazing product to use on the outside of our wonderful bodies. A massive thank you to Jessie and Alex at the New market store for helping me out! 

Have you got all your Christmas presents organised? There’s a few great stocking stuffer ideas here… 


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