Keeping Things Tropical for Auckland Anniversary Weekend – Louella DeVille

Louella DeVille - Miss Charlotte Cake

The lovely Bek from Louella DeVille, gifted me these items which I couldn’t wait to style and review for the blog.

Summer time in Auckland usually means muggy average weather until about February. So for the first two months of Summer (December, January) there really isn’t much to offer. Sometimes I like to remind myself that New Zealand is an island in the Pacific Ocean. I pretend it’s a tropical Summer paradise, fake it till you make it I guess? 

Louella DeVille - Miss Charlotte Cake

I knew I would need palm trees for this outfit, so I went to a local park about 5 minutes from my house to get these photos. This was the perfect outfit for the perfect Summer day (I’ll also be taking it to Australia with me tomorrow).

The Ava Blouse

I have been so keen on separates lately so I had to get myself one of the Louella DeVille Ava blouses.  It was a blazing hot day, which was perfect because this blouse is amazing for keeping armpits nice and cool. I don’t know if anyone else thinks about that when buying clothes, but I do. 

Certain fabrics (especially with older vintage clothing) definitely make me perspire more, so going sleeveless is a nice option if you don’t mind showing the tops of your arms. 

Louella DeVille - Miss Charlotte Cake

The blouse buttons up right up the front, and has slits around the hem for extra comfort and to avoid that tight feeling around the stomach. I love the clean, crispness of white. Because I hardly ever wear white, I had forgotten how easy it is to style. You can dress it up with a bright necklace and brooch, or keep it clean and simple and let that do the talking. 

The only issue I have with the Ava Blouse, is that my bust has ballooned and I probably could have sized up. I’m wearing a size 10 here, but could potentially have sized up to a 12 to contain the girls a bit better. That’s my issue though, nothing to do with a faulty top. 

Louella DeVille - Miss Charlotte Cake

The Bettie Skirt

This swing skirt is SO lovely, and I’m obsessed with the satiny polished cotton. I pulled it out of the bag and couldn’t stop stroking it like a weirdo. 

I chose the Hibiscus Heaven print partly because I knew it would look cute paired with white. But also because I only own one other tropical floral piece, it was time to get another. It’s the perfect print for injecting a little more of that warm, summery vibe into your day. Did I mention it has pockets?

Louella DeVille - Miss Charlotte Cake

I’m wearing the size 10, and it’s super comfortable. It’s zip up at the back, and has a lovely long waistband which nips in. I usually wear a wide belt with my swing skirts, unless the waistband just doesn’t look right but this waistband gives the perfect base for a wide belt to sit over the top if you choose to wear one. I’ve got a white petticoat underneath, and I love how full the skirt is. I don’t usually wear petticoats, opting for a canvas underskirt or nothing at all. While I like the look of petticoats, sometimes they just really annoy me so I usually don’t go there. 

Louella DeVille - Miss Charlotte Cake

I’ve paired these two items with a simple, thin white belt. A bright red pair of heels from Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, and a pair of red hoop earrings also by Louella DeVille. 

I really like this outfit. I feel super cute, and think it’s simplicity and comfort is perfect for warmer weather. I also think this outfit with or without heels is pretty work appropriate too!

This definitely won’t be the last time I check out Louella DeVille’s range. Have a look at her online shop when you can! 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on fit/sizing etc. 


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