5 Simple Ways to Get into Pinup Style

5 Simple Ways to Get into Pinup Style

One of the first things I noticed when I started exploring pinup style was the varying degrees of how some women chose to embrace their own ‘pinup’ side.

Some women would be in full pinup all day every day, with hair and makeup included completing their daily looks. Some women get dressed in relatively modern clothing during the day or for work (or wear a uniform daily) and then unleash their full pinup power during the weekends/evenings.

Some women don’t have the time or find it too difficult in the mornings juggling kids and early work start times to look ‘pinup’ during the day and may just opt for a retro look at events because it’s easier.

Everyone is different and I love the diversity. To me, it’s all about feeling confident and just doing you.

I was thinking about a few simple ideas to bring out that pinup style for someone who may:

  • just be starting out in the community and finding their feet
  • already has their own style, but may want to try an extra thing or two
  • has to wear a uniform to work so subtle ways to feeling more pinup are key
  • doesn’t have the time, money or full wardrobe to dress pinup style full-time

Hair flowers

Sophisticated Lady Hair Flowers, Shazam Pinup Hair Flowers and most pinup/retro style boutiques with an ‘accessories’ section are all great places to buy hair flowers. For local hair flowers here in New Zealand, The Beauty School Dropouts often have options at their stalls around retro and vintage markets.

I also like to make my own with fake flowers, metal clips and hot glue if I have enough time (it’s quite therapeutic).

Pinup Girl Style - Miss Charlotte Cake

Red Lips

My favourites are anything by Besame Cosmetics, Wet n’ Wild or MAC but you can find good lipsticks everywhere! I have super cheap lip colours that I love as well as more expensive tubes. Sometimes a cheap pharmacy lipstick is just as good as a super expensive brand.

Pinup Girl Style - Miss Charlotte Cake

Nails – a nice almond-shaped nail or red & white classic moons

I prefer a nice solid nail colour with a pointed almond shape. Occasional I will go for a classic blood-red nail with a white moon when I feel like changing things up. My favourite place to get my nails done in Auckland is The Nail Lounge by Debbie Walsh.

Pinup Girl Style - Miss Charlotte Cake

A cute retro style brooch

Erstwilder, Deer Arrow, Retro Resins, or Daisy Jean Floral Designs are my favourites for brooches. I also find a few unique vintage brooches on thrift shop travels. I have an adorable pair of matching vintage rose brooches which I found in a small antique store in the United States.

Pinup Girl Style - Miss Charlotte Cake

Seamed stockings

I grab all my seamed stockings from Farmers here in New Zealand. I wear them out too often so cheap quality stockings from a local department store are my favourites. If I feel like spoiling myself, What Katie Did have some adorable seamed stockings also.

Pinup Girl Style - Miss Charlotte Cake

If you’re into retro/pinup/vintage culture but maybe aren’t feeling confident doing the look every day, then hopefully these ideas might add a touch of that sparkle to your outfits. Whether it’s a pretty orchid behind your ear or a bright red lip I hope these tips can help you feel more confident day-to-day.

Have I missed any simple, easy ways to feel more ‘pinup’? Let me know in the comments below

Let your unique style shine!


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