A Skincare Update: From Someone Who Suffers from Hormonal Acne

Hormonal Acne - Miss Charlotte Cake

It’s been just over 6 months since I first wrote about my hormonal acne issues. For the past few years my skin has just got worse, and worse and I had no idea what was causing it. In the first post I wrote I took some rather alarming photos (in my opinion) on how my skin was behaving at the time.

I also covered what I was currently using product-wise to help my skin heal and return to normality. I wanted to do an updated post for everyone since the earlier post sparked a bit of discussion around similar issues some readers were having with their own skin. 

I’m still taking Ginet – a contraceptive pill which supposedly helps to balance out hormones as well. Since taking this I have seen a change in my skin, with less painful red pimples showing up – and when they do arrive, are quick to heal and bugger off. It’s been about 8 months now and typically I wanted to see change straight away which didn’t happen. The pill needs to build up in your system over a few months before it really starts to work. While I’m not 100% happy about taking a hormonal balancing pill each day for my skin, it seems to be helping which is important to me. 

As well as taking Ginet, I’ve also been religiously using Antipodes Mineral Powder Foundation as my makeup base. I’ve ditched everything else that I had used before, including MAC and Benefit foundations, concealers and powders. I felt like their heavy coverage used daily, was clogging my pores and helping to create the acne. 

Here are some recent updated photos for you so you can see the change in my skin and how it’s looking now.

Note: I’m not wearing any base makeup, only mascara and brow products. 

Hormonal Acne - Miss Charlotte Cake

The recent photos are so different, I can’t believe the difference in how my skin is currently looking. 

Hormonal Acne - Miss Charlotte Cake

While it’s not fully healed, it’s definitely on its way and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My skin has dramatically changed in skin tone as well as reduced dark/red spots. I feel such an unbelievable amount of confidence, that I even went out without wearing any powder the other day! Just sunglasses and lipstick.

That’s a big deal for me and made me feel like I had achieved something awesome. 

Hormonal Acne - Miss Charlotte Cake

My Tips for those with Hormonal Acne or Scarring:

  • It’s so cliché, but I guzzle so much water…
  • When I exercise, I wash my face with cold water as soon as I’ve finished my workout so sweat isn’t lingering on my skin and pores. 
  • Try to put as little product on the facial skin as possible. I like to let it breathe when I can. Remember, everything you put on your skin, absorbs into it. 
  • I use a combination of the Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm and the Mebo Skin Restore Balm. The Saviour balm is made with lots of fresh manuka honey which is amazingly healing. The Mebo balm smells like sesame seeds, and has stem cells. These cells literally create brand new skin and repair and fade blemishes (perfect if you have acne scarring like I do). “Stem cells can repair injured and defective skin by restructuring and regenerating new skin according to the original skin’s physiological structure. This speeds healing as well as minimising scarring”.

Skincare Update From An Acne Sufferer - Miss Charlotte Cake

I’m not a healthcare professional so it’s important see a doctor or dermatologist if you have skin care issues. I can only share my own experience and tips, but remember that everyone’s skin is different. What I use on mine, may not work for you. 

Hormonal Acne - Miss Charlotte Cake

If I’ve missed anything out that you would like to know, then please comment below. 


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