The SundayGirl Company & their Retro Inspired Aprons

The SundayGirl Company & their Retro Inspired Aprons

The SundayGirl Company makes retro inspired aprons that are pieces of art. I was approached by this lovely British company a few months ago about helping them to promote their beautiful product, and fell in love with their unique designs. 

The original idea behind the SundayGirl Company was to create beautifully shaped,  mid-century inspired aprons in unique and vibrant prints but made with a strong, hard-wearing utility fabric. They wanted to make aprons that had that old school glamour but at the same time did the job intended so that’s how our SundayGirl ‘Pinnies for Pinups’ started.

Stiff, shapely cotton drill and cotton lined bodices with a cut that is made to flatter any body. The SundayGirl Company hand draws all their fabric designs which are then screen printed. The sweetheart aprons have cotton embroidered lace trim which you can see on my photos. 

SundayGirl Company - Miss Charlotte Cake

It’s important to feel glamorous when creating delicious food in the kitchen. This is exactly why I have collected aprons, new and vintage for the last 7 years.

What I love about this company, is that the finer details are clear in their designs. Not only are the aprons crafted to perfection. But there are matching accessories like oven gauntlets. 

SundayGirl Company - Miss Charlotte Cake

SundayGirl Company - Miss Charlotte Cake

I chose the sweetheart neckline because it’s such a flattering cut. The black French toile print is so beautiful and I couldn’t resist it. I love the black and white combination, I think it’s so classic and chic while still keeping that retro flavour I love. The skirt is full, and has plenty of room to fit a swing dress and petticoat underneath if that’s what is important to you. I for one like to be able to fit a big swing skirt under my pinnie as well as next to nothing (I’m often cooking/baking in lingerie). 

There is an adjustable neck strap for greatest comfort. I love this detail because not all neck straps fit every body and it’s important to be able to customise this area. No one needs a painful neck or loose apron while they’re concentrating on frosting that cake!

Did I mention fully functional pockets? Perfect for keeping wooden spoons or anything else you need to keep close and hand while you’re in the throes of kitchen creations. 

SundayGirl Company - Miss Charlotte Cake

You can pop this baby in the washing machine to keep it nice and clean – a hugely important fact! 

You can buy your own apron from the SundayGirl Company website – or if you’re in New Zealand you can buy from NZ stockist ‘Let’s Jive’.

They’re a husband and wife team (Steve and Wendy) with a passion for retro. They have a retail store in Hastings Street, Napier that stocks the full range of women’s and children’s aprons and also some of the accessories (oven gloves, oven gauntlets, tea towels) so definitely grab yourself some glamour for the kitchen. 

SundayGirl Company - Miss Charlotte Cake

Everyone needs to feel glamorous in the kitchen. Cooking and baking is an art form, and like any artist you can’t create masterpieces without the right tools. 



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