The Fondant Artists Lament with Amber Elizabeth

Fondant - Miss Charlotte Cake

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction” – Pablo Picasso, I find that fondant art is the exact opposite of this quote.

You have creation in the name of destruction. I have made some of my most enchanting pieces of art out of a completely edible and easily destroyed medium, fondant.

When I took on writing this blog post I thought I was just going to explore fondant as a new artistic medium like clay, paint or ink. I was able to explore more than just that. I was finally enabled to make a piece of fondant art that I have chatted many of my friends ears off about but have never found the right reason to complete. A master copy, master copies are one of the first things you explore when you take any art class. The masters can teach you to compose a picture, draw a line or mix a color quicker than any teacher.

Fondant - Miss Charlotte Cake

In this I thought as foremost an artist followed by a self taught fondant artist I would be able to learn more about techniques and color theory. I choose a close crop of Pablo Picasso’s “les demoiselles d’avignon”. This is one of my favorite pieces of art as it is large, colorful and striking. Who would not want to see this made into a completely edible piece of fondant? I will not lie I under-estimated the time making this would take. In total the fondant work was roughly four hours mixing colors and placing pieces plus another two hours of painting. I told myself I could get the whole piece done in about two hours.

Fondant - Miss Charlotte Cake

Obviously time management is something I have no concept of. I wanted to create a piece of art that would do justice for the original painting. I truly feel I was able to complete the task.

Now, I have been mentioning the easily destructible nature of fondant. Which is always on my mind and a fascinating concept. However it was truly brought to the forefront with this task at hand. Day in and day out I complete all of the elements that bring cakes to another level from a flat sweet treat to something that a customer loves. When you are in art school you are learning how to capture emotions without using words. Picasso’s painting did just that and will stand the test of time.

Fondant - Miss Charlotte Cake

Where as fondant, the creations that I bring to life I know all to well they will never last. Fondant only lasts as long as a customer’s appetite holds out. The bright colors and shapes are the fondants beauty and its doom. Too much light or water and you have a gray sticky puddle. Another small downfall for me is much like a dead artist I hardly ever see the results of what a customer may think of a dessert with my decorations. But it is nice when you receive the occasional happy feed-back. None of these thoughts wane my intensity of putting every detail into a piece of fondant.

Just like my personal art I am a perfectionist. I want a Picasso to be just that or Pee Wee Herman’s face to be instantly recognizable. Whether he will have a long life or not I know the little girl who requested him will be over the moon in photos that maybe one day she will show her kids. I still do mourn the loss of such a well curated artistic endeavor. But I am joyful in knowing that somewhere I am bringing a smile to someone’s face.

Fondant - Miss Charlotte Cake

In this it makes me happy that I was finally able to complete a goal of mine. Using fondant as purely an artistic medium. What a true fine art concept to watch it dis-incarnate, and destroy its self.

Fondant - Miss Charlotte Cake

My name is Amber Elizabeth I am a block print artist and a self taught fondant designer at Flavor Cupcakery near Baltimore Maryland, USA. I am blessed to be able to use my artistic training every day. In my free time I enjoy making my own art, hanging out with my chickens and pin-up modeling.

For any questions or tips contact me on instagram at RetroThrowBack

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