Styling Vintage Brooches with Velvet Decollete

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

Let’s face it, sometimes wearing vintage brooches makes you feel like your nana ( knit twin-set, sensible heels, brooch on the left shoulder – you know what I mean ).

The problem is we all habitually know where a brooch goes, overlooking them as the immensely versatile accessory they are. Now that’s just a gosh darn shame, so I took on the challenge of styling my brooches in 10 totally wearable ways!

The Matter at Hand

Show off brooches corsage style on your favourite gloves. Not only are your smaller brooches displayed in an eye-catching way, but they can offer sneaky coverage for the stains and flaws that would otherwise render our vintage gloves unwearable. (This also works wonders on purses, and can be the difference between a usable purse and one destined for the bin! ).

Vintage Broochs - Miss Charlotte Cake

Off the Cuff

Whether it’s adding a feminine touch to a rolled up shirt cuff or decorating a romantic sleeve like this one, cuffs are the perfect canvas for larger brooches. I love this brooch placement paired with a black wiggle or trousers and a white business shirt for a stylish play on office classics.

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

Waisted Effort

Draw attention to those curves with a statement brooch at your waist. Most waistbands are sturdy enough to hold heavier designs so this is the perfect place for those bigger vintage brooches. ( PS. A traffic stopping brooch at the waist of a LBD or classic skirt and blouse will take you from office to cocktail bar without a hitch ).

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

Rogue’s Gallery

Bit of a brooch hoarder? I’ve got you covered. Cascade brooches of a similar shape or theme down a dress or jacket to display your lovelies with avant-garde flair. Styling your brooches diagonally even has a slimming effect by drawing the eye down your body! This is my favourite way to showcase my butterflies and orchids.

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

Military Chic

Military inspiration is always in fashion, so glam up that winter coat with a large brooch (or a cluster of small ones) epaulette style! Even better if you have two large matching brooches or Duet Clips. ( Stylist’s secret: for lighter coats place a flat makeup sponge under the fabric and pin through it to stop heavy brooches from dragging.)

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

High Flyer

People always say I look like an air hostess, but that’s kinda what I’m going for. For a sassy sixties look pin a lighter brooch through a chiffon scarf, or choose a heavier brooch to brighten up your snuggly winter number for high-flying style.

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

Womanly Wiles

Feeling vampy? Highlight your assets with a brooch pinned at the bust. Go all out rhinestones for evening glitz and glamour or choose a subtle brooch for daytime looks.

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

Top it Off

Bad hair days begone! Feel chic while covering that bed hair by dressing up your bad hair day beret with coordinating brooch. I like to match the brooch with my top or skirt to create a unified colour palette.

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

The Inside Scoop

Emphasize those gorgeous collar bones with a brooch placed to the side of a wide scoop neckline. Add a cluster of pins in varying sizes to a simple scoop neck dress and you’ve instantly updated from Plain Jane to Glamour Girl.

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

Hot Under the Collar

Or if you don’t have a collar – the ‘high neckline’ placement. This femme fatale style draws attention to your neck ( right where you want that dashing man to kiss it. ) Best for showing off long or curved brooch designs like this leopard, I always feel like a film noir babe when I wear my brooches here.

Vintage Brooches - Miss Charlotte Cake

So you’ve got brooches, and now you’ve got inspiration. Time to go forth and rock vintage jewels like the modern pinup queen you are!

Need a little more inspiration? I’ve set up a Pinterest board just for you! It’s full of modern & vintage ways to wear brooches without feeling like your Nana Verna.

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