Traditional Texas Sheet Cake Recipe – Chocolate & Pecans

Traditional Texas Sheet Cake Recipe – Chocolate & Pecans

Texas sheet cake recipes call for two of Texans’ favorite ingredients: buttermilk and pecans. 

I’ve had this longing to visit not only Texas but the South for so long. The only way I know how to describe it is, it’s as if part of me is there already and I need to visit that area to find it. Have you ever felt homesick for somewhere that you’ve never actually visited? 

It’s the food, music, architecture and the location being so rich in cultural, racial, and political history (even though it’s quite dark) that interests me. 

Texas Sheet Cake - Miss Charlotte Cake

I’m currently in Texas on holiday with my partner Carl, so I definitely needed to make a southern style Texas sheet cake. Chocolate + pecans = love.

I had been reading through a bunch of books and notes online, prior to baking this cake and it seems to be an incredibly popular part of Texan dessert history. Everyone’s family has a Texas sheet cake recipe which gets passed down through generations and I love this. Recipes that are literally made with love, passed on through parents to children. From what I’ve read, the name ‘Sheet Cake’ came from the fact that the cake was often made in large rectangular pans. 

Texas Sheet Cake - Miss Charlotte Cake

Now, because I’m not from Texas I needed to use someone else’s recipe for this. I didn’t want to change any of the ingredients or make it ‘my own’ because that destroys the historic aspect. This recipe is one I found by Serious Eats and it’s a real crowd pleaser. 

If you can’t find buttermilk, use the same measurements but with normal milk – then add a good squeeze of lemon. Leave it for 5 minutes until it’s curdled then use accordingly. I couldn’t find any buttermilk in the dairy section of my local supermarket, so I used this method. 

Here is my homemade buttermilk recipe if you need further information.

Texas Sheet Cake - Miss Charlotte Cake

I would highly recommend creating this recipe, it’s SO delicious and feeds a crowd. Great for cutting up and keeping in a plastic sealable container for treats on the go. It’s perfect for picnics or shared lunches where a larger cake is ideal for sharing. 

If want to create a nut free version, you could try using raspberries instead. This cake has such a rich, chocolate flavour that raspberries would be perfect with it. It’s almost like a brownie! 


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