Looking Powder Fresh After A Lunchtime Workout

Lunchtime Workout Gym - Miss Charlotte Cake

There is nothing worse than heading back to work after a lunchtime workout and looking like a sweaty, flushed beetroot face. 

Getting work-ready after a lunchtime workout doesn’t have to take forever if you take the right tools with you. I’ve been going to the gym for the best part of 2.5 years, and I’ve worked out a great routine that works for me as a pinup styled woman. 

I really enjoy the 30-minute gym classes. They are just enough time to get in a great workout and get back to work. It breaks up the day, completely re-energises me and gives me the mental head space to carry on with my afternoon tasks. I spend about 15 minutes total getting ready for the gym, and getting clean and dressed for the office afterwards. 

Lunchtime workout - Miss Charlotte Cake

I love my Wednesday yoga class at Les Mills

To shower or not to shower?

If your workout isn’t too intense (think gentle Yoga, Pilates or basic stretching), you can probably just freshen up with a towel and a couple of baby wipes afterwards. I don’t tend to get sweaty after this type of exercise, but I know everybody is different. 

If you’re taking a shower, skip washing your hair and pop a shower cap on to keep the steam from causing frizz (and consider using a soft scrunchie tie during your workout to prevent the hair dents tight hair ties can cause).

Shower at the gym, or if you’re lucky like me, wander back to work (gives you time to cool off) and have a cooler shower at the work shower facilities. The time it takes to wander back gives you time to cool down because there is nothing worse than showering straight after a work out when you’ll just get sweaty the second you towel dry and try to get dressed. 

Make use of the gym fans, I literally stand in front of it and cool down for as long as I can before getting dressed or showering. 

Powder your nose and brush your hair

As an every-day vintage style pinup, I like to do the following to keep up my hair set/makeup looking fresh during the day. 

  • If your hair is down and set, wrap large curls up in pin-curls, secure with a bobby pin and pop on a headscarf. I do this almost daily and it works for me. I always keep a headscarf on if I can because it preserves the curls pinned underneath. 
  • Use the hair dryers at the gym to dry off your sweaty head, use the cool blast. Brush out, smooth and re-spray.
  • A spritz of dry shampoo if you need it for volume 
  • Deodorant
  • Makeup to redo/freshen your look. Powder, blush, lipstick.
  • Touch up of perfume
  • I work out in my eyeliner/eye makeup but use a tissue or toilet paper to gently blot off as much of my base facial makeup and lipstick pre-workout. If I’m doing a sweaty gym class, I hate the feeling of sweating through foundation, it’s just gross. I then re-powder my face. Use waterproof eye makeup if this helps you out too. 
  • Take a drink bottle, and stay hydrated.

Finish by freshening up your do’ with a little dry shampoo, and use makeup that pulls double duty – think tinted moisturiser for hydration and coverage, and a subtle tint that works on both lips and cheeks. Last but definitely not least, swipe on a fresh coat of deodorant, and you’re good to go.

Lunchtime workout - Miss Charlotte Cake

I work out in my eye makeup. Then carefully refresh it once my workout is done. 

Extra options 

If you only have limited time for a lunch break or if the gym isn’t your thing, head outside for a walk if the weather is nice. At the end of the day, if you’re doing a great workout you’re going to get sweaty. If the idea of sweating up a storm in between work hours isn’t something you want then consider going early morning or after work. 

Workout Fashion

My favourite places to get affordable gym gear are Kmart and the Warehouse for singlets, t-shirts and sports bras. I invested in a pair of Lululemon leggings and it was the best purchase ever. I got really sick of having to constantly replace my cheaper leggings because they would go baggy and out of shape so fast. I hated having to constantly pull them up every class because they would slip down. 

Lunchtime Workout Gym - Miss Charlotte Cake

I would also recommend investing in some good, quality gym shoes. Your feet, legs and back will thank you for it. I have a simple pair of New Balance sneakers, leopard print of course! 

Lunchtime Workout Gym - Miss Charlotte Cake

I asked my best friend Lily where she gets her workout gear from. She’s a larger, curvier lass than I am and she has a large bust which needs mega support while she’s walking her massive dogs. She likes to shop for items at Kmart, and The Warehouse also for cheap gear. Apparently, The Warehouse has a solid range of really good sports bras. She also likes Farmers if she feels like spending a bit more per item.  

So if this information helps out my voluptuous women then that’s great! 

Gym Bag Essentials for your Lunchtime Workout

  • One workout outfit
  • Sneakers/Socks
  • Headphones
  • Towel
  • Soft hair ties
  • Small toilet bag, with makeup touch ups and deodorant
  • Shower cap
  • Padlock/Key for locker
  • Water bottle of course. 

There is nothing better than breaking up my workday with a boosted 30-minute workout at the gym. I go to Les Mills in Britomart and love it. I think it’s really important to get up and get out of the office for a short active break during the day. It’s especially important if you’re like me and sit at a desk all day. 

I hope these tips help you to feel confident and polished once you finish your lunchtime workout.

Got any extra tips you could add? Leave a comment below.  


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