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Bowling Shirt 50's Review

I love a 50’s style bowling shirt and so does my partner Carl. So, when the owner of Rebel Rock Clothing got in touch about a custom shirt for Carl I couldn’t say resist. Threse was happy to create and gift Carl a fun new bowling shirt. For once it wasn’t me getting clothing delivered! 

After I posted my Retro Style Bowling Shirts guide, Threse got in touch. She wanted to create a custom bowling shirt for Carl. I thought this was an awesome idea because I really wanted to add her to my list of bowling shirt suppliers, but I needed to check out her wares.  

Bowling Shirt 50's Review

This shirt is awesome and I love the colour combination of red, black and beige. When Carl initially tried it on, he wasn’t sure about the 70’s style neckline. He got used to it quickly, he just wasn’t used to the collar being lower and his other styles are buttoned much higher. is a specific style of shirt that is associated with the game of bowling. It is box-cut and short-sleeved with a button-up front, pocket, and has a small lay-flat collar.

I asked Threse if I could get the XXL made, as Carl generally fits this size in pretty much every shirt. He had a few different options to pick from but settled on this red, black and beige block colours. 

Bowling Shirt 50's Review

Bowling shirts are a specific style of shirt that is associated with the game of bowling (if that wasn’t obvious). It is box-cut, short-sleeved, button-up front, and usually, has a breast pocket. What makes them super retro looking is their distinctive block colouring which is usually 2-3 contrasting colours with piping.  The youth of the 1950’s made these shirts ‘cool’ – I think they’re so cute. 

Bowling Shirt 50's Review

I really like this shirt and Carl is super happy with the look and feel. There’s plenty of room on his 6’4 frame – he often finds it hard to find quality shirts that are a comfortable XXL. He’s stoked to add another bowling shirt to his growing collection. 

If you would like to get in touch with Threse for a custom shirt for your man – or you, then contact her via her Facebook page 


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