Drag Talk with Auckland Queen Miss Rhea Ranged

Auckland Drag Queen Miss Charlotte Cake
I’ve been fascinated by the drag world for as long as I can remember.
I love that we can create our own glamour, and the exaggerated femininity of drag is pure art. If you have an open mind then I’m sure you can appreciate the outrageousness of drag queens. So without further ado, I wanted to chat with local talent Miss Rhea Ranged to hear a little bit more about this amazing art form. 
Hello! My name is Ricky but I’m also known as the fabulous Miss Rhea Ranged. 
What are some of your favourite beauty products?
My favourite foundation is the TV Paint Stick by Kryolan. High coverage, with a semi matte finish this is a great base for stage make up as Cover Girl does not cover boy. 
How did you settle on your drag name?
My original drag name was Rhea Listic but I didn’t want to live up to the title of that name so got handed Miss Rhea Ranged.
Auckland Queen Miss Charlotte Cake
How did you first start getting into drag?
My introduction to drag started by visiting Family Bar where I would see these amazing queens perform and one of my good friends was one of the queens. After some time of sitting back and watching, I asked my friend if he would put me into drag and it all started from there really. 
What is your prep/beauty routine? 
Everyone has their own techniques for blocking eye brows and doing drag makeup. What works for me is using spirit gum to glue down the brows with a comb brushing them upwards. I then apply a layer of brow wax and heat the back of a spoon, carefully pushing it down on the brow. This heats the wax to give you a smooth brow. I then apply a layer of TV Paint Stick over the top and set it all down with translucent powder.
Auckland Queen Miss Charlotte Cake
What are the best tricks for applying/wearing a natural looking lace-front wig? 
This can be one of the trickiest parts of getting into drag. If you don’t have a clean lace to start with it can ruin the entire illusion. Get a bit of spirit gum and start at the centre and work your way down each side with a sponge to place it down carefully. 
Can you give us any contouring tricks?
I always love to OVER contour. I will always use a cream base with contour and highlights and then to set, I will place a card from under the ear lobe to the corner of my mouth and apply a powder from the ear first down as you don’t want too much product down by the mouth. This helps with the placement of a strong facial contour. 
Auckland Queen Miss Charlotte Cake
Shapewear – corset styles and recommendations, padding and what do you consider to be the ideal body shape?
I LOVEEEE padding I will always look like I’ve robbed two couches of their stuffing. I am not an overly big boy but when I’m a queen she is very curvy and I love this look. 
Have you got any tips for walking in platforms?
Don’t fall over haha. This is a tricky one because my heel sizes range from 6 inches to 14-inch platforms. The best way that I could explain how to wear platforms would be, don’t rely on the heel use your toes to walk. 
Auckland Queen Miss Charlotte Cake
Are you able to explain a tuck? What happens if you need to go to the loo?
A tuck is where you make a male bulge look like a vagina. This can be really tough to do, as Alaska Thunderfuck say “If you see a bulge, don’t be mad! Some of the most beautiful women in the world have gigantic penises!”. Honestly, the best way to do this is to find a good YouTube video that can explain more about how to create a tuck, as well as materials to help with this. 
If the library was open which other kiwi queens would you read?
All New Zealand queens know the library is always open for me and I’ll read them and they can read me cause reading is “fundamental”. 
Crazy wigs, wild makeup and vibrant colourful clothing, how could you not love drag? I have to surround my self with people who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. I think we could all learn a thing or two from queens. Be loud, be proud, be you! 
If you’re in Auckland and keen to head to a great show, I would recommend Auckland’s original Cabaret Bar Caluzzi
Comment below with your favourite drag queen and why you love them (mine are Violet Chachki and Sasha Velour)

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