Lady Vintage Review – Domestic Goddess Dress

Lady Vintage Domestic Goddess Hepburn Dress

I was recently given the new Lady Vintage Domestic Goddess Hepburn dress from Two Lippy Ladies and I couldn’t wait to see how many ways I could style this particular fabric. This dress is part of Lady V London’s fabulous “Kitsch Collection” this AW17. 

At first, the colours caught my eye – I mean look at it! SO MANY COLOURS. Secondly, the actual fabric felt quite stretchy which I hadn’t experienced before. It’s definitely a different blend to my other Lady Vintage dresses. 

Lady Vintage Domestic Goddess Hepburn Dress

I’m very picky when it comes to novelty prints, but I really liked the colours used in this fabric. There are so many colours going on which is great for accessorising. The fabric is covered in home appliances like telephones, vacuum cleaners, hair curlers, sewing machines, irons, fans, radios and cake mixers. 

Lady Vintage Domestic Goddess Hepburn Dress

I’ve decided to fiercely take on this print, which could be seen as potentially quite sexist due to the homeware products all over this very (female) dress.

Here are a few reasons why this dress has nothing to do with being sexist and is actually something I’m going to embrace…

  1. I know for a fact, that women are the world’s most powerful consumers, and our impact on the economy is growing every year 
  2. I bake in my spare time… in fact most of the time I create something in my kitchen, it’s so delicious that it doesn’t even make it to my Instagram feed. The kitchen holds a special place in my heart, particularly the oven
  3. My home is my happy place where I’m comfortable, where all my things are kept and it’s safe and warm
  4. These homeware appliances are every-day items which everyone uses
  5. Who runs the world, GIRLS!

Lady Vintage Domestic Goddess Hepburn Dress

This is the size 10 which fits really nicely. I’m 36″, 28″ so theoretically I’m between sizes (10 and 12). My bust is actually really comfortable in this size (even though it should fit according to the size chart) because the fabric has some stretch to it. If you have any concerns, definitely check the size chart on the Lady V London website. The material composition of the Domestic Goddess dress is 95% Polyester / 5% Elastine. 

Lady Vintage Domestic Goddess Hepburn Dress

I’m also wearing my Asphixia corset in this set of photos. I’ve lost a little bit of weight since coming home from America, so have since sized down to a 10. This dress has a great big I really like the bright pops of colour on a black background. This dress will be great for picking out a specific colour within the appliances and using cardigans, shoes and accessories to bring that shade to life. 

The waist measurements on the size 10 are perfect for my shape. I also really appreciate the length of the skirt fabric. For me, a dress really needs to hang below my knee otherwise I can’t fall in love with it. 

I have a similar dress which I had made by local dressmaker here in Auckland, so I’m glad to own another home appliances themed outfit. 

Lady Vintage Domestic Goddess Hepburn Dress

I have a few Hepburn dresses from Lady Vintage and I do really like the style. I’ve always really liked dresses and shirts that have a higher neckline. This is part of the reason why I appreciate the Hepburn style so much.  Here is another write-up I created about the Hepburn dress by Lady V London.

Lady Vintage Domestic Goddess Hepburn Dress

If you’re in New Zealand or Australia you can easily get yourself one of the Domestic Goddess dresses from our local NZ supplier Two Lippy Ladies. They have a range of sizes available in this particular frock, including larger sizes for our curvier dames. 

Be prepared to see this dress paired with all the colours on my Miss Charlotte Cake Instagram feed

What are your thoughts on the Domestic Goddess dress? 


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