MadeinEighty Viva Las Vegas Vintage Photo shoot

MadeinEighty Photoshoot

I got the last photo shoot session with Lars Kommezispadt from MadeinEighty.

His photos are dark, moody, use little to no lighting except what’s natural and they manage to capture something which is so raw and real. I love trying out different types of photography styles.

I remember seeing a photo of his come up on my Instagram feed and I wondered if he had space. I emailed Lars thinking “I’ll ask and see what happens”. This was mid-2016 and I thought there wouldn’t be a chance of him having spaces for Viva Las Vegas 2017 left.

Luck was on my side, and I managed to secure the spot. I remember paying the deposit and getting an email back saying that it was confirmed and immediately freezing. What was I going to wear?

Luckily I was borrowing a few gorgeous vintage pieces for Viva from my friend Natalie at Retro Resins. I took two of her vintage Lilli Diamond gowns with me to shoot in. The beige dress with ostrich feather sleeves and the midnight blue sequin dress. I have a real obsession with long sleeved dresses this year, so I was lucky to be able to wear these.

MadeinEighty Photoshoot

The beige gown was shot in a luxury apartment suite (I can’t remember the name). It had a stunning rooftop pool area.

It was SO hot and the sun was so bright. As we were leaving the suite to head upstairs, Lars pulled out a red parasol and looked and me and I was like “Yes”. You can see the rooftop image with the parasol a few images below.

MadeinEighty Photoshoot

The blue sequin dress was shot in a second location in Las Vegas called the Artisan Hotel Boutique. I want to stay there next time I’m in Nevada. The decor was AMAZING inside and out.

We started shooting inside and then slowly moved through the bottom floor to the outside area. I fell in love with this strange, kooky boutique style hotel, everywhere you looked there was something interesting to look at.

MadeinEighty Photoshoot

MadeinEighty Photoshoot

Shooting with Lars was something I could finally cross off my bucket-list while in America. He was wonderful to shoot with and I felt so inspired after working together I can’t wait to work with him again. As I receive more photos from this shoot, I’ll add them to this blog.

I’m pretty sure his photoshoot spaces for Viva Las Vegas 2018 are filled already, but you can check out more of his work on his Instagram account @kommienezuspadt.

Which MadeinEighty look is your favourite?


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