Vintage Candy Stripes at Chelsea Sugar Factory

Chelsea Sugar Factory

I’ve driven past Chelsea Sugar Factory thousands of times. It’s the famous salmon pink building that sits ocean side on the North Shore here in Auckland City.

When New Zealand was first being settled, the government offered money to set up the country’s first sugar refinery. Before this, we had imported all our sugar from Australia.

During the late 1950s, the first supermarkets showed up in New Zealand. Before these, the locals would shop at small, nearby shops. With the arrival of supermarkets, Chelsea could get their products out to more people.

Like most other New Zealand businesses around this time, Chelsea only employed men. During World War II, most young men were sent away to fight, which meant for the first time ever, businesses had to actually use women to keep things running. The Chelsea Sugar Factory was no different, and women worked in the office as well as the golden syrup packing house.

Chelsea Sugar Factory

It seemed only fitting to shoot this vintage candy striped dress at this iconic, and historic landmark here in Auckland City. It’s the beginning of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and it felt really good to clear out my wardrobe and bring the summary items out of hibernation. This pink and white striped vintage dress from Retro Addiction is one of them.

This frock is the cutest 1950’s style dress and reminds me of something cute that Betty Draper from Mad Men would wear around the house.

It’s still got its original metal zipper and matching belt. It’s one of those vintage pieces that you find, and pray that it fits when you’re alone in the changing room zipping it up. Luckily for me, it fits like a glove.

Chelsea Sugar Factory

Striking a pose at the Chelsea sugar factory meant so much to the baker in me. I use Chelsea sugar every time I bake and it felt like the perfect match. Taking a vintage dress to this historic place which is a big part of New Zealand history.

Chelsea Sugar Factory

Currently, the factory is undergoing lots of renovations and there was lots of fencing up around the building. I couldn’t get as close as I would have liked but it was still lovely to visit. There is some beautiful bush walks, city views and a big koi pond in the area.

Chelsea Sugar Factory

Sometimes when the sunlight hits the factory just right it even looks hot pink. This colour combination next to the blue of the ocean makes such a beautiful sight!

Chelsea Sugar Factory

Chelsea Sugar Factory

Items I’m wearing:

  • Headscarf | Trashy Diva, Atlanta
  • Top | Curvy Couture by Judy Dee
  • Clips | Retro Resins
  • Dress | Retro Addiction
  • Earrings/Shoes | Vintage


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