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Milk Books Photo Book Album 2

I love a good coffee table book. Something easily flick-able and entertaining while sipping a hot beverage (in my case, always tea). I had one of the Milk Book photo books made for Carl after we got home from our trip to America in early 2017.

Milk Book Photo Book Album

I wanted something to keep the memories that was tangible. A beautiful, handcrafted photo book which I filled with images that Carl took on the camera.

I wanted to not only have a photo book, but I wanted to showcase some of his amazing photos. He’s been wanting to improve his photography skills so I thought it would be nice to really show him what he can do.

Milk Book Photo Book Album

I filled the book with my favourite photos from all over, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and our personal favourite – Tennessee.

It’s a really nice way to give others an insight into our trip and the wonderful experiences we had. I grew up in the late ’80s and 90’s where family photo albums were a thing. These days everyone seems to just upload their holiday snaps to Facebook and that’s kind of it really. Sometimes I wonder, “If Facebook went down for whatever reason, I would lose so many photos”. Highly unlikely I know, but…

Milk Book Photo Book Album 5

Because I don’t have access to many photos from my childhood so, in a way, this is me regaining some of that with the perfect photo book full of fresh new holiday snaps. Plus, there’s nothing like flicking through a beautifully designed book of high-quality photos. Especially when I designed it!

For those interested, you can create all sorts of photo books with Milk Books. There are different sizes, formats, paper and cover fabrics. You can even have an elegant, presentation box made as an add-on to keep your photo book wrapped and safe.

Milk Book Photo Book Album 5

The thing I love the most about this is the memory of giving it to Carl for the first time. Seeing his eyes light up as he was looking through the book at his own images. It was so rewarding and awesome.

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This Photo Book was gifted to me by Milk Books in return for a blog post to promote their brand.

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