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Las Vegas Travel Essentials - Miss Charlotte Cake

I’ve put together a free downloadable AND printable list of in-flight travel essentials because if you’re anything like me and don’t enjoy flying, a simple pack of feel-good items can make it seem like a breeze.

Whether you’re flying long-haul or short-haul it’s great to have items that make you feel calm, relaxed and as happy as can be. Even sitting in air conditioning for an hour can really dry out your lips/skin/eyes.

The idea to create this list, came from my trip to the United States last year. We flew into Los Angeles, and then went straight to Las Vegas. Our arrival literally went like this – twelve-hour flight – uber to the bus station – bus to Las Vegas – uber to the hotel – BED. If it wasn’t for my trusty carry on baggage keeping me refreshed during those hours of travel, I wouldn’t have been able to spring back for exploring around the Vegas Strip!

What I’m trying to say is, even the shortest flight can affect your body and how you feel mentally. I want to feel as refreshed as possible when I land so I’m ready for adventures.

With that in mind, I’ve created what I think is a pretty good list of in-flight travel essentials for long-haul flights. This list is obviously my own and has worked for me, you are welcome to travel as light as you like. I’ve been on multiple overseas trips, and have two more international travel trips in the pipe-works over the next two years including Guatemala and Egypt! [Travel trips for either of these places are welcome].

The Art of the Teese

Feel free to download my printable travel essentials list at the link below. Cross off all the checkboxes to make sure you have the most comfortable flight ever.

⇒ Download your free printable here ⇐

Is there anything I’ve missed off this list? Please feel free to mention your top picks in the comments below. I’m always open to suggestions.


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