East Day Spa Auckland, Veda Massage Review

East Day Spa Auckland, Veda Massage Review

Thanks to my beautiful friend, I was gifted with an East Day Spa voucher for a full-body massage and it was everything my stressed body needed, and more.

After my deliberation, I chose the 60 minute deep tissue Veda massage. East Day Spa describes the Veda massage as “Deep tissue massage to relax tight muscles, improve range of movement and muscle function”.

I decided to get valet parking at SKYCITY Grand Hotel because it was only $15 if you get it validated at East Day Spa. It felt kind of luxurious driving up to the valet area and just leaving my car with the valet drivers to go and park. I wandered through the hotel and went down to level 1 in the elevator to East Day Spa.

East Day Spa Massage Review

Entering East Day Spa

Upon entering the spa I felt immediately relaxed. The dim lighting, exotic smell of incense floating around, flickering candles and soothing music all played their part to create the perfect atmosphere. I wandered up to reception where I was immediately checked in and taken over to a small cushioned seat where I was offered a relaxing tea.

The warm delicately spiced tea was so delicious and because I deliberately arrived 15 minutes early for my appointment, I received a second cup too. I wanted to really make the most of my time, and to try to relax as much as possible.

A staff member came over and asked a few questions during my consultation, she also asked me to choose between three fragrant oils for my own massage. I went with the warming sandalwood.

East Day Spa Massage Review

Waiting in the relaxing reception

I was then taken to my massage room where I was asked to undress (leaving my underwear on) and get under the blankets. My masseuse gently started to massage my back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs finishing off with a scalp massage.

We laughed about the fact that I was embarrassed because I needed to shave my legs, and she had to touch my spiky calf muscles.

It was absolutely amazing and time flew by so fast… too fast in my opinion. My masseuse spent lots of time kneading my poor knotty, tight shoulders just as I asked. I get quite tight shoulders and hold tension in my upper back, especially working at a desk all day. So it was really nice to give this area a little love.

I got dressed, although it took me a good 5 minutes to leave my warm, deliciously scented cocoon. I waited in reception and drank another cup of tea because I genuinely felt quite sleepy and needed to wake up before driving home.

East Day Spa Massage Review

Post massage sleepy face

The cherry on top was going back to the SKYCITY Grand Hotel reception to pay for my parking, and having a delicious strawberry macaron treat which are available for guests on Friday and Saturday’s only. Lucky me.


I’ve been to East Day Spa a few times and only just figured I would do a review. I would highly recommend this inner city retreat for a little escape. I’ve only ever had great experiences and love visiting for a little me time. They offer a whole range of amazing looking treatments however, the few I have my eye on for next time are,

  • Milk and Honey Cocoon – A delicious honey wrap with dry body brush exfoliation and warm milk splash.
  • Cleopatra Milk Bath – A luxurious milk bath infused with fragrant oils. Fit for royalty. This romantic treatment was inspired from ancient times. The milky bath soothes and softens your skin, while the warmth unwinds and relaxes the mind and body.
  • Lime and Ginger Salt Glow – Fresh and invigorating salt scrub for the smoothest most nourished skin

East Day Spa Pricing

Pricing for the Veda massages differ depending on how long you want to be pampered for, I went for the 60 minute massage.

  • 60 minute – $125.00
  • 90 minute – $170.00

It’s so important to make time for yourself. Whether that getting a relaxing massage, organising a getaway or even reading a good book with chocolate! What have you done for yourself that was truly all for you lately?


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