Anti Bullying Awareness – Less Bitchy, More Kitschy Pins

Anti Bullying Awareness – Less Bitchy, More Kitschy Pins

How sad is it that these Less Bitchy, More Kitschy Anti bullying pins need to exist in the first place!

I thought bullying was over when I finished high-school but I’ve had my fair share of being bullied in my adult life too. I’ve experienced it in the workplace, and within the pinup/vintage community where it seems to rear its ugly head occasionally which is hard to believe. You can read more of my story about being bullied here – Then & Now.

It’s a topic that we need to keep out in the open so I’ll be wearing my anti bullying pin to do my bit and start conversations around me.

My beautiful friend and current Miss Pinup New Zealand 2017 Velvet Decollete designed these cute pins which are now on sale via her Etsy page (see link below). I couldn’t be prouder to wear my cute aqua and pink sparkly pin. These Less Bitchy, More Kitschy pins aren’t just a sassy accessory, they’re a fundraiser for non-profit organisation the No Bullying Initiative Trust.

Less bitchy more kitschy Anti Bullying Charity Enamel

The proceeds from every pin will be donated to help NBIT continue providing preventative education, support and advocacy for victims of bullying in schools and workplaces around New Zealand.

Join the less bitchy, more kitschy anti bullying movement:

Step 1.  Get yourself a sassy enamel pin!
Step 2.  Wear it to remind you of what really matters, and spread the anti bullying message
Step 3.  Share your style, and your story, using the #LessBitchyMoreKitschy tag on social media!

To find out more about the No Bullying Initiative Trust and their awesome work, please visit their website and have a read.

You can buy your pin from Velvet’s Etsy boutique, or by contacting her directly if you live in New Zealand (this allows more money to go to NBIT by avoiding Etsy fees!).

New Zealand buyers and potential stockists – feel free to contact Velvet directly to order pins or to discuss stocking them in your store!

“It’s become increasingly important for me to use my opportunity to be a role model within the pinup and vintage community to take a stand against bullying. For me, being a modern pinup means taking inspiration from the strong women of the past to provide strong role models for the future. I believe in living a life less bitchy, more kitschy, where women raise each other up, focusing on our shared loves and not the small differences that set us apart.”

-Velvet Decollete

Please speak up if you are being bullied because you MUST tell someone. You aren’t alone, and we’re here for you.

Have you ever experienced being bullied? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll see just how common it really is and why these anti bullying pins are so important!


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