Emerald & Tassels – Custom Winter Fashion

Emerald & Tassels – Custom Winter Fashion

Caught your attention didn’t I! When I said ‘tassels’!? Did you think it was a blog post review about nipple tassels? *Evil cackle*. No my friends, unfortunately it’s not. THIS is a blog post about my new favourite custom-made swing skirt.

There are many things I love about this swing skirt – the fit, the style, the colour green and the tassels!

I have a folder of gorgeous vintage designs and photos that I find on the internet. I just love getting custom-made vintage inspired garments. I found an image about two years ago of this beautiful vintage swing skirt that had tassels attached to it in a gorgeous pattern. I loved it so much that I kept the picture and vowed to have the skirt custom-made one day.

Tassels Custom Swing Skirt Vintage

I’ve always loved tassels, fringing, beading and sequins… anything that moves or shimmers when the wearer moves. I love it. I still have regrets about not buying this black suede cropped and fringed jacket while I was at Dollywood in the United States. I still have major cowgirl / country / Dolly Parton regrets even more than a year later.

I got in touch with my friend Judy from Curvy Couture and asked if she would be able to make my dreams come true and of course she obliged. I sent her the original photo (which I can’t seem to find anywhere) and asked if it could be made in potentially red or emerald-green. I chose green in the end because I wear a lot of red any way and wanted another shade in my wardrobe.

Tassels Custom Swing Skirt Vintage

Like I mentioned in a past post Velvet Winter, I’ve been obsessed with velvet this year so of course I added my vintage black velvet cape and velvet top to the mix. My friend Meagan was telling me that I gave her major Elphaba vibes from ‘Wicked’. That was a compliment for sure.

Meagan’s partner Doug of Ambient Light took these photos for me and it was literally two seconds away from raining while he was snapping away. I love the ivy leaf backdrop, it’s so lush and the two-tone greens are the perfect contrast.

Tassels Custom Swing Skirt Vintage

While I love op shopping, and finding beautiful vintage pieces I do respect a good custom-made garment. Not only are you investing in a completely different piece, but you’re getting something tailored to you and your body while also supporting local (in this instance).

Do you have any custom-made clothing? If not, would you ever consider getting something special made for yourself?

Outfit details

  • Black wool hat – Vintage
  • Full length black gloves – Op shop
  • Black velvet top – Pinup Girl Clothing
  • Black velvet cape – Vintage
  • Tassel skirt – Curvy Couture by Judy Dee
  • Black Mules – B.A.I.T Footwear


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