Petticoat, Pettipants, Underskirt or Slip?

Petticoats Pinup Style Fashion

Petticoats… those fluffy frilled undergarments for that truly 50’s swing silhouette. But which brands are actually comfortable and worth the money?

Well personally, petticoats annoy me and I honestly hardly ever wear them. I find them quite itchy and don’t even have sensitive body skin. When I’m sitting down for much of my day at work I don’t want to feel itchy or uncomfortable because a petticoat is pressed against my legs.

I love wearing swing and circle skirts without a petticoat, as well as slimmer 40’s style skirts and dresses. When I wear swing skirts I usually just have an underskirt because I don’t feel the need to look poofy. I prefer simple cotton or silky slip under my dresses. I’m a modern-day gal and petticoats aren’t something I want to wear with everyday wear. For photo shoots, or very special occasions I’ll definitely think about wearing a petticoat.

There’s a ton of nasty, cheaply made petticoats out there but I’ve included three brands below which I’ve worn myself and can vouch for.

Petticoat Brands

  • New Zealand brand TaylorMade Petticoats are so soft and lovely. A great option for anyone wanting a quality, handmade petticoat. I was first introduced to these petticoats at Rita Sue where they are also stocked. Sizes are small, medium and large and start at around $95.00 NZD. She also offers pettipants, which are great for helping out with chub rub.
  • Malco Modes is a long-standing US-based company who have done this for ages. They do some really lovely petticoats where the underskirt is made of nylon organza for a much softer feel against the skin. They also offer pettipants.
  • UK Boutique Honey Pie has full net petticoats ready-made to choose from or double luxury custom-made petticoats. They are custom options of 3 layers also which is perfect for wedding dresses or heavier skirt fabrics. Prices start from around 56 pounds for a 2 layer custom creation.

Petticoat Alternatives

Underskirts are a great modern alternative, and they can be created out of a stiffer more shapely fabric to give you a similar shape to a petticoat. I brought myself an underskirt from Pinup Girl Clothing. While I no longer buy from PUG, you can read about my review of their underskirt. 

Petticoats Pinup Style Fashion

You could even think about sewing your own creation! I’ve seen plenty of DIY petticoat tutorials online where you can pick your own fabrics. Stiff outer fabric for all your poofy dreams, and a silky lining for zero itch. The opportunities are endless.

Whichever you choose, petticoats aren’t for everyone and it’s totally okay if you’re like me and don’t even enjoy wearing them. But if you do, make sure you invest in something that’s comfortable, the right length and doesn’t leave you feeling with an endless itch.

Have I missed a great brand off this list? Let me know in the comments below


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