Vintage Hat Inspiration

Marcela Jungle Print Merchant 1948 Style 3

I’ve accumulated a few vintage hats over the years, particularly those with wide brims. I really like the way a simple hat can pull an outfit together.

Historically, a woman wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house without her gloves and hat firmly in place which I kind of love? The attention to detail was next to none and part of me almost misses that attention to finer details. 

I remember watching Gone with the Wind for the first time and seeing Scarlett O’ Hara with her larger than life hats. I loved that even in a rush, she made a special effort to grab her hat and put it on before she left home.

“Frank Sinatra himself said: “Cock your hat – angles are attitudes”.


Mens hats like the bowler or structured brown tweed are great with a fitted business-like vest to go for an androgynous look, neutral colours for a pulled together casual look.

Styling Vintage Hats

I definitely recommend looking at vintage photos for inspiration on how to wear vintage hats. But something I’ve learned is that hats were barely that, they were more like berets or fascinators, often tipped to the side and pushed towards the front of the crown, while headband style hats sit further back on the crown.

Some inspiration…

Vintage Hats Styling

Vintage Hats Styling

Vintage Hats Styling

Vintage Hats Styling

Snoods and beret’s are also cute ways to jazz up your hair styles. Hat pins, combs, or ties under the neck are common ways to keep your hat perfectly placed.

Halo hats which sat on the back of the head and framed the face and the fashionable up swept pompadour hairstyles.

I think hats are made to accentuate or finish off a hairstyle – not hide it! There are many vintage hats which just don’t sit right without a vintage hairstyle, so curl your hair and break out that hairspray. 

I thought I would style a few of the hats in my collection, and share my tips for keeping them firmly on my head. Watch my video on Tips for Wearing Vintage Hats. 

Do you have a favourite vintage hat? Let me know in the comments below. 

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