Living With Less: A New Chapter


I have decided to start living with less.

Whoa! But don’t you have a giant pile of things!? That’s correct, I do and what a mission it’s been to dilute that. It’s scary when you’re a gal who loves the material things. Clothing, accessories, art, lamps (don’t ask…) and books. Over the years, like most I’ve accumulated a large collection of things. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having ‘stuff’ but when you’re wanting to downsize you’ve got to start somewhere.

It’s Time For Less

I’m working on having less of the following in my life:

  • Clutter
  • Toxic negativity
  • Belongings
  • Distraction
  • Bad habits
  • Negative talk

And with less of the above, I’ll have more room for clarity, adventure, travel, happiness and beautiful, heavily invested friendships. It’s already started working, especially when you have the help of ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ who’s all about KonMari: tidying up your space to create a more lighter, happier life. Another inspiration of mine is the two dudes who make up The Minimalists. Now, I will never be on their level of minimalist – but I certainly took away a few tips and tricks from their Netflix documentary. They’ve also put out a book and podcast if those are easier ways to digest information.

So, why the changes you ask? Well did I mention that this year I’m going to start remote working in Chiang Mai, Thailand? That’s right, I’ll be a full-time freelance copywriter and content creator. I also started house sitting full-time which means I’ve been living with less for a while now. It’s been good practice for when I’m overseas!

Back To The Start

Let’s go back a bit – I began the first day of 2019 in a tent at the beach, waking up to the sounds of crashing waves and fresh salty air. Sounds blissful right? It was! My best friend Lily was by my side and we were sharing a double air bed. The roaring ocean was about a hundred meters away and listening to the crashing waves on the first day of the year forced something within me to rethink everything I had experienced over the past twelve months.

I thought back about my word for 2018 as ‘adventure’ and how it truly lived up to an adventurous year. In retrospect, it was a year of turmoil, trauma, change… so much change. But also personal growth and tons of excitement. My energy has changed, along with my thoughts and I have wholeheartedly decided to go for everything I want this year. This year is going to be the twelve months where I live more simply, remotely, fearlessly and to immerse myself within other cultures while my curiosity for writing comes to life.

I have decided to trust myself, and trust the process. That everything will work out and that the world will make things happen just as they are meant to happen. I have decided to relentlessly pursue the life that I truly desire. A life lived more freely and independently. Living with less. With that will come new struggles, but what is a life without a little struggle?

You may have noticed that for the last ten months or so I’ve taken a massive step back from social media and my personal blog. Where have I been? Well, I’ve been living with less and making the changes I need to make, as well as starting to live a life that is aligned and true to me. I’ve been spending lots of quality time investing in myself, going to weekly therapy sessions, swimming in the ocean more, exercising, doing lots of deep thinking and spending time with my dearest, closest and most supportive friends and family. It also doesn’t help that I write for my day job, then I freelance in the evenings/weekends – this doesn’t leave a ton of time for baking cakes, my own social media updates or my personal blog writing. But I’m working on this because life is all about balance!

I haven’t even made the biggest step of moving overseas yet – but the journey so far has been wild, scary, even fun and I’ll never know how good it could be until I take that chance. Sometimes I wake up and find myself completely petrified. Laying there, thinking about all the ‘what-ifs’ and all the ways I’m going to fail. If you’re also someone with anxiety, you’ll know how much of a big deal this is for me. But you know what? if the worst thing that happens to me is that I run out of money, or realise the remote working life isn’t for me I’ll just come back to New Zealand.

That really isn’t that bad is it. It’s not failure. It’s fearlessly chasing dreams that I’ve had for years. When was the last time your were fearless?

What have you been wanting to create in your life that you’ve been holding back on?  Let me know in the comments below.

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